Re: HB2450 Violates Oregons constitution and demonstrate inequities in the system

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Posted by Merle Campbell on September 20, 1999 at 22:51:17:

In Reply to: HB2450 Violates Oregons constitution section 20 posted by Injured Worker Advocate on September 20, 1999 at 14:00:25:

I was very glad to see HB 2450 passed into law.

First and foremost this law, as you clearly pointed out,
is in direct violation of the the Oregon Constitution,
Bill of Rights, Article I section 20.

Additionally this law unequivically demonstrates that
the current workers comp law was not working for these
two unions.

Further this is a clear indication of the inequities
that prevade the Oregon Workers Comp System.

This law demonstrats the Oregon Legislatures willingness
to ignore and violate the Oregon Constitution just as they
did with SB 460 and extending so called exclusive remedy.

I appauld the carve out for these two unions, it was as
sorely needed for them as it is needed for the rest of
Oregons workers.

The Oregon workers comp system with the corrup, lying,
opinions for hire Independent Medical Examination (IMEs)
Doctors must be driven out of the system. The Willamette
Week called them whores in an article exposing the taudry
profession. The Willamette Week was kind.

This condoning of the rape and sodimizing of Oregons injured
workers by the Oregon Legislature and Governor, make them
whores of the insurance and business lobby.

And here we thought prostitution was only legal in Nevada,
well folks it is alive and well here in the other wise fair
state of Oregon.

As we go into the second phase of our programed plan to
change the worker comp system in Oregon, I see HB 2450 as
another mile stone or performance measure to our success.

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