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Posted by Ratshirt on September 27, 1999 at 10:21:25:

Hello fellow Injured workers . finally found this place it says Vent well i can't do this to much as I am still in the system but i can have a few words on this subject. they havent put a P.I. on me yet but that is probably since they haven;t done much of anything for me in over a year except send me repeated denials and of course not pay any medical bills after having to stop work because the delay in treament worsened my condition to permaanent ly disabling i am likely to get squat even with a top notch attorny working for me since LNW has coerced the DR so much that he will not even treat me with a court order in his face . the letter that was sent to the DR's in my area also made it highly unlikely for me to get treated anywhere in my area as the way it was written left them all feeling like they were going to be targeted if they treated me or even had me in thier office. well it is from what i have seen just standard for this insurance company that actively worships Satan to do these kinds of things. cant name names but by now it doesnt matter as ALL LNW employees especially the ones that come to this board and post (you know who you are ) are fithy maggots that live on the stench of death and putrefying flesh. they can't help themselves for them its as natural as it is for us to be humane to the suffering LNW workers are not human how could thye possibly claim to be as they all down to the newest mail clerk have sold thier souls to Satan for as much cash as they can rob or steal from People that have only done one wrong thing in thier lives and that is work for an Oregon employer that made a deal with the Devil and on that Note .... A large un named Printed circuit Board manufacturer hgeadquartered in Oregon Is just as Evil possibly even more so if any other former employee's of this Satanically Motivated Employer are out there i Feel your Pain . and understand the incredible rage you have against such a faithless group of slackwitted dog fornicators like we worked for .well i feel a little better still it doesnt replace the ability to stand or walk , sit or do much of anything without pain but someday maybe not on this earth but at the Judgement seat of God these Less than Human filth will be called to account for thier crimes against humanity sounds like a charge for a war crimes tribunal ? but thats what we are in a war and LNW doesnt take prisoners just wants souls to sacrifice to thier satanic master . it is so sad that the state i was born in and had pride in saying my family pioneered has sold us out for $$$$ to line the pockets of politicians like many of the ones mentioned here and to think the governer himself compared Oregons W/C nightmare to Bosnia well IMHO he is the Milosevic of Oregon he knows what is happening and Aiding it where it can Help him make a "friend " for later maybe he will take his M.D. and become an IME after he leaves office . ok have to get offline now lots to do today My first hearing since this claim opened over a year ago is on friday and i need a few last things for the hearing . will check back later tonight . later R@

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