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Posted by Happosai on September 28, 1999 at 20:52:04:

In Reply to: Management Labor Advisory Committee (MLAC) posted by Frank on September 28, 1999 at 19:42:49:

have not heard this before and was just at my attory's yesterday and if this happened he would have been elated . in fact we discussed the MLAC for a few minutes .
He ( my Attorny) feels that as bad as Mlac is the real problem has been the Legislature Sucking up to the Big Pockets full of cash tha the Insurance industry controls.
Ok I Want to Urge every one that comes here to REGISTER , VOTE and GET Involved in the system be noisy enough and things happen if we can get the and i have to aplogise to people that feel their best interests lay with the GOP GET THE GOP OUT and we have a chance to regain what we have lost . sure there are some scummy DEMO's out there but we have term limits to get the bad apples out but The GOP just keeps sending more of the same to salem every election year. by the time they get elected they have been bought and do not expect any trouble from going back on their word.
the GOP makes loud noises about family values and then turns around and dehumanizes injured workers at a pace that would make an Indonesian politician feel uneasy.
it was a choice i had to make for myself and have not regretted it the GOP has lost touch with REAL people and now has become the tool of Big Business .
What will it take to turn Oregon Around ? well look at east Timor .... there will be a time when we have to step up and say "NO MORE" and use the constitutional RIGHT to VOTE . if we can get one message out to our families and friends it would be quit riding for free get involved in the system or get run over by It.
we can not expect help from Washington they feel that this is a state issue and they can not involve themselves in it UNLESS we can show Hard evidence of racketeering and Fraud , to do this will take effort and personal commitment from anyone that has had to deal with the WC system.
Write letters , make calls and Go to Public events which have Politicians at them . make contact with your elected representitive and find out how concerned they are with this problem.
Stand up and publicly ask the REP questions on this subject make them know that this will no longer be under the rug.
it makes them respond publicly and they are on record with a reply that can be thrown back at them later , something they fear is bad PR and if you ask questions and keep asking they will want to look like they have the answer and will often say things that they will have to follow up on just to keep them from getting hammered in the press.i have seenh this work in even third world coutries that are maybe even more corrupt than Oregon (maybe)
Start at the Bottom and work your way up even local elected officials will want to look good as thay may someday take a shot at the Big Circus in Salem.
Well enough for now since i seem to have just enough time for one more thought. To challenge the system we will need to remember that it does not want to change , it likes the status quo very much. they have been personlly and privately enriched by the Big business's that pull thier strings.
to make them concerned will take a prize that is more atractive than what they now have . and the only thing i can think of is to remind them ALL of them that if some day we do win our cause and a court rules that there was Criminal activity at the legislative level , and that the officials that were aware and did nothing can be held accountable then there is a chance that they could wind up in prison for thier crimes maybe we can persuade them to stop the madness.

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