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Posted by Merle Campbell on September 28, 1999 at 22:54:11:

In Reply to: Management Labor Advisory Committee (MLAC) posted by Frank on September 28, 1999 at 19:42:49:

If true this could be good, how could a new board be worse then the current
bastards that represent the insurance and business interest of this state.
(Except for IME doctors w/o mothers, fathers or morals appointed to the board.)

I asked Bob Shiprack how he and his fellow labor members of the MLAC board
could sit there and let HB 460 be passed/approved by MLAC, especially the
clearly unconstitutional "exclusive remedy" provision, extending the insurance
and businees protection act insulating them from truly deserved lawsuits for
fraud, conspiracy and racketeering against the injured workers of Oregon.

Bob Shiprack's very thoughtful answer was "we do not believe it is constitutional
and we believe it will be killed by the State Supreme Court". My very thoughtful
and candid response was "you (Bob Shiprack) are not doing your job!" Why put the
Oregon injured worker through this in the first place? Why let this pass MLAC?

Does the MLAC board have five management and five labor representatives or not?
Sounds like the management people are running rough shod over the labor folks.
Where is the testosterone on the labor side?

Let me sit on the board. I might be able to help the labor side just a little
more agressivly consider the affects of the continuing rape and sodimizing of the
injured Oregon worker just a little more throughly.


F. Merle Campbell Jr.
Colonel, AUS, (Ret)

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