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Posted by Tom on September 29, 1999 at 00:15:01:

In Reply to: The Govenor Fires MLAC!!!! posted by Advocate on September 28, 1999 at 23:30:42:

I am glad that the Governor finally ended MLAC's rain of terror
against Injured Workers, Last year MLAC cancelled 11 meetings, and this
year almost as many, But I smell a rat in the closet! We are coming up on another election
year and I feel that the governor will appoint people through the distraction of all
the election hype thinking that people will not notice what is going on. Don't get me wrong
I am glad that the Governor finally showed some responsibility and ended the terms of the members
of MLAC early, Even though their terms would have ended very soon. I just think that all of the
Injured Worker Advocates need to be cautiously opptimistic about this.
The Governor I believe is trying to save face because he said that no worker related bills will be signed
into law that haven't gone thru MLAC first, Already 2 bills have been signed into law that didn't go thru
MLAC'S full committee, but how could they have gone thru MLAC first when they cancel every meeting.
MLAC can subcommittee a bill to death, but they have to be looked at by the full committee.
There is more to this that just what is on the surface.
Lets keep AOI out of the next MLAC board.

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