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Posted by Advocate on September 29, 1999 at 11:28:23:

Don't let the news of the Governor's firing the members of MLAC
as a stroke of good luck for the Injured workers.
Consider HB245 this bill was signed into law without ever going thru
the full MLAC committee, The Governor said that he would veto any worker
related bill that didn't go thru MLAC first. This bill targeted two unions
and gave them a different dispute and resolution process other that the one
that governs the rest of the Injured workers, and by chance Bob Shiprack
is one of the local reps for one of these unions, Therefore the Governors needs
him to remain as a member to report on the progress of HB2450.
Bob Shiprack is on the labors side of this committee but he is not on the side of all
people that labor in this state. He is there for the sole purpose of his support for his union.
This move by the governor is soley a political move to save face for himself and his party.
Governor Kitzhaber said in his letter to the stakeholders that MLAC
has performed a great service for the state of Oregon working to restore confidense in the MLAC
process, MLAC cancelled 11 meetings last year and now that their are no more members their will be
no more meetings. Is this a responsible arm of goverment when they can't even conduct a meeting.
MLAC has stood for th betterment of Business and Insurance companys and now given special privledges
to two unions while the rest of the Injured workers in this state are dragged into court.
We are coming up on another election year and it would be very easy for the Governor to appoint new members
during all of the election hype.
Because of MLAC's policy making procedures it has helped save employers and Insurance company's over
5 billion dollars, How much of those savings have gone into better benefits for the Injured.
Lets have everyday citizens appointed to this board and stop the windfall for the employers and Insurance company's

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