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Posted by Question on October 02, 1999 at 22:42:34:

In Reply to: Re: The Oregon Prefered Worker Program posted by Terapin on September 30, 1999 at 21:15:20:

If I was injured bad enough at work and because of that injury I couldn't return
to my regular job and If I qualified for re-training through the Prefered Worker Program
I would still recieve time loss because I was permenantly injured and If i was ill
or had car trouble or one of those things that pops up in life was to keep me away from
my obligations provided to me because of PWP what would keep the W/C carrier from taking away
my time loss for that week, The Unemployment division does that all of the time if their is a problem
with my unemployment claim then I recieve a letter from them saying that their is a problem and they
can't pay me for that week, But the unemployment division expects me to still go out and find a job
even when they deny me of my check for the week. Does that make sense.
You said that the W/C comp carriers have nothing to do with the Prefered Worker Program and that is not true.
The Insurance companys have someone at your appointment to make sure that you go their and If you are late
or can't make it you lose your time loss for that week. The Insurance compnay do have a stake in the PWP
because they are paying you time loss to participate in the program.
So If you lose your time loss how can you pay for gas to put in your car to go to school provided from PWP.
The PWP has helped alot of people and just as many people have walked away from the program because the W/C
company are just waiting for you to do something that would cause them to deny you your time loss.
This is how Hypocritical the state of Oregon is. They don't want the Injured worker to get ahead when their are
so many job openings at your local McDonalds, The Unemployment Division is just as bad.
Im not putting the PWP down, they don't monitor the Injured worker closely enough to make sure that they are benefiting
for the program.

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