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Posted by Tom L on October 16, 1999 at 23:37:38:

In Reply to: I'm wondering where I stated PWP was part of SAIF posted by Marty on October 12, 1999 at 17:37:46:

Hi Marty

I agree with you that there is nothing that the Injured worker can do if the employer
decides to end your employment when the Wage subsidsy runs out. Employers can fire people
for no reason because they have the power to do so and the employee has no choice.

Since I was first contacted about this program I thought that I didn't qualify for it because
of a settlement and a CDA that I recieved because of my Injuries, But Dan Gammon surprised me
because he said that I qualified because my Injuries were permanent. I have been critical of the DCBS
in the past, "Remember no state agency is perfect", that statment holds true for all state's that regulate
Workmans Comp.

My advise for Permanently Injured Workers, Take advantage of this program it is their for your benefit.
As for the employers who enjoy the Wage subsidy then fire the worker as soon as the workers six months
are up, there is nothing that can be done because in this state an employer can fire you for no reason whatsoever
It would be very hard for the Injured worker to prove that the only reason they were hired was because of the 50%
wage subsidy, and That is unfortuante.

The people that work for the Prefered worker program benefits section actually seem to care about what has brought you
to this program, Take any help that you can get.
About the political system in Oregon you are right Money buys Politicans plain and simple. politicians say one thing and do
another and as voters we need to learn to read between the lines and think about the state as a whole
and not just in our districts. One thing the Legislautures of the past, present and the coming future have tried in vain to get
their hands on the Workers benefit fund for years, It is there for the workers and not the fatcats in Salem to waste.
Keep your postings coming Marty I look forward to reading them, That what makes this forum so Interesting is because
we need your experience's and your opinions.

If your an Injured worker who has a permenant injury and thought that you wouldn't qualify call the
Prefered Worker Prorgam Benefits Section at 1-800-445-3948 they are there to help you.

Feel free to Comment Terapin Im sure you will!

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