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Posted by Tom on October 26, 1999 at 11:16:53:

In Reply to: Re: Whats your Point posted by Terapin on October 25, 1999 at 20:42:31:

Actually I was let go because of my work related injuries not because I called OSHA. I called them after my attorney recieved a letter stating that my employer didn't want me back, although losing my job because my injuries was one reason why I called.

It dosen't make sense why employers are afraid of OSHA, OSHA has many programs set-up to help employers recognize safety and health problems. If employers cared enough about their employees it would only make sense for them to make sure that the workplace was safe for there employees.

Employers don't consider the cost in human terms when an employee is seriously injured or becomes Ill because of an unhealthy and unsafe workplace. This burden of becoming injured on the job is put on the backs of every injured worker and not the employer, That is why Exclusive Remedy is so inhumane. The employer has no Idea how long it takes to rebuild a workers credit after a serious injury, If the injured worker has to have surgery the surgeon re-injuries the worker by doing surgery.

When I first heard that Governor Kitzhaber said reforms have cost many injured workers their benefits I thought Hey wait a minute Governor. Did I read this right! are you saying that injured workers benefits are being denied them. Then I thought how heavy that the Republican legislature is, First off this statement is purely a political move to put democractic butts in the legislature plain and simple, You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure this statement out. But the governor addmitted that the past reform cost us our benefits and this statement has spoken very loudly. My Point is this, The Governor addmitted that reforms have cost injured workers their benefits, This statement was heard all over this state and I am sure that the Supreme Court heard this too!.

All of the lawmakers that are responsible for these reform including Associated Oregon Industries are no doubt spinning in their seats. Everybody directly involved with the past reform are probably wondering what the governor is up to.

My plea to the Governor is This, If you want to see first hand the evidence of Workmans Comp and Exclusive Remedy put an Injured Worker on the Managment-Labor Advisory Committee. That is the perspective that this system needs to bring fairness back to this system.

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