Reparations for Injured Workers

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Posted by Tom on October 26, 1999 at 12:24:37:

Now that Governor Kitzhaber admitted that the past reforms have cost Injured workers their benefits
something occured to me, When a nation or country invades another for no apparent reason and causes terrible harm to
that nation and its people the invading country should pay "Reparations".
The dictionary defines Reparations as "An act or process of repairing or restoring making amends or giving satisfaction
or compensation for a wrong, Injury, Recompress, Restitution, Reward, Indeminity,.

We as Injured workers also demand "Requitals" meaning to repay a person for a benefit for injury or the like, to recompense; reward
to requite ones services.

Injured Workers should demand these back from a state that has legislated these away for us. We demand Reparations and Requitals.

The state of Oregon has taken away the rights of all Injured workers and the right of livability.
We cannot provide for our childrens welfare, We cannot pay our bills in a timely manner thereby
ruining our credit history, We have lost homes, our sense of selfworth, our diginity, and our right to
be productive citizens all because the state of Oregon has allowed greed to infect a system that should
be helping the injured. Instead we are dragged into court to prove our injuries. The courts will use
that case as a means of denying the next injured worker the right of compensation. No matter what small means
the injured worker has the state will use that against you.

This State and the Insurance industry can well afford Reparations by returning the injured workers back to leading
productive lives, The state of Oregon is creating a welfare state for the Injured workers. We have to accept what we are given
due to Exclusive Remedy, all the while the Insurance companys and the business lobbys are reporting record profits.

Mr Governor since you said that the past reforms have cost Injured workers their benefits then put someone who has had to live
by these reform on MLAC. They will give this committee a unique perspective of your reforms.

The State of Oregon is liable for Reparations and Requitals because of your allowing these reforms to cause the harm it has created to Innocent people.

We are tired of being the blood that drives production, How can you call Oregon a civilized state. A Salmon has access to better benefits than Injured workers.

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