Governor Kitzhaber said reforms have cost many injured workers their benefits

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Posted by Del on October 26, 1999 at 18:48:20:

This is a follow-up to the post linked below.

Governor Kitzhaber needs to hear from all of you that you DEMAND that at least one injured worker be appointed to MLAC. The WI Main Page lists different ways how to contact the Governor's office and the Legislature, some of whom will have a say in board member selection.
The Governor, it appears has realized that his support for workers' comp "deforms" caused immense suffering to thousands of good and decent Oregonians. It's a very positive thing that he has awaken to a situation that is so plainly obvious to any of us who were without warning involuntarily drafted and POW'd into this civilian conflict that places business profits over the life of Oregonians. Oregon's workforce have become "unsuspecting draftees" in a godless pursuit that rears its head in the name of greed and control. This war of attrition against the working class is dependent on the "system" and those who control it. This includes the taking away those inalienable rights guaranteed us by the Constitution including the U.S. Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights above all preserves individual liberties and rights. Contrary to the intentions of our founding fathers when they drafted the U.S. Constitution we have systematically become puppets whose strings are controlled by corporate interests'. In workers' comp these puppetmasters include the insurance industry, employers, their lobbyist including AOI and the National Federation of Independent Business, and politicians who have put THEIR welfare above that of the public. The sad truth is, campaign contributions greatly influence our political process. In reality we no longer control our destiny.
We can take it back though since the essence of democracy is the participation of the people in choosing their rulers and the people's ability to influence what those rulers do. We must exercise our "power" over those whose intent is to deny us our freedoms and enslave us all.

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