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Posted by Merle Campbell on November 09, 1999 at 01:05:30:

In Reply to: Who can give me info on Jerry Keene posted by Robert on November 08, 1999 at 09:54:47:

I know Jerry Keene casually, we ran for the same state Represenative seat in
1984 (I believe the year is correct.) In that time we were both aiming at SAIF
and workers comp reform. We both were strong advocates of legislation that would
bring the cost of workers comp in line with other states, Oregon then among the
highest in the country, if not the highest. (Dave McTeague (D) won the seat)

Oregon workers comp was killing business both large and small. SAIF was out of
control. The bastards were arrogant, unreasonable, threatening and since they
were the State Accident Insurance Fund they were far over priced. That was the
best you could say about the jerks.

Fast foward to today. Mr. Kneene has done his home work and, I as a former business
owner, an outstanding job for business in the legislation he has authored. Truly
a good job from that point of view.

Now here I sit on the other side of the fence, my wife is an injured worker,
lost abillity to work, lost her job, lost her insurance, unable to get other
insurance because of her injury. Nordstrom took the stand that they were only
following the law when she was absolutely screwed by Nordstrom and the Oregon
Workers comp system.

Now is Mr. Kneene a bad guy? No, I don't think so. He was a very good and effective
advocate for business. I personnaly like him. However we no longer agree on workers
comp issues anymore.

The issues are not Jerry Keene the issues are business and insurance interests
buddying up to the legislative community on a daily, weekly, annual and decades long
basis. No body on the injured workers side has done that to any major extent.

Its no wonder we are where we are today. Untill my wifes injury I believed the system
to be fair and never really believed the state of Oregon would sit by and let its
workers be crushed into bankrupcy and a lifetime of pain and suffering. With out a
loud and thunderous hugh and cry from those affected nothing will change.

If Mary had not been injured I would still be blindly sitting on the side lines
swallowing every word the Governor said in his former praises of the workers
comp system. (Prior to his firing of the MLAC members).

We are going to change the law. Business and Insurance only have to fear paying
their fair share. We only want fair and just treatment. No more Nordstrom Bullshit
that we are only following the law.

Look out Nordstrom, SAIF, Liberty Northwest Et. Al. We are coming after you.

As for Jerry Kneene, he is a good advocate, I would like to have him on our side.


Merle Campbell
Colonel, AUS, (Ret)

Co-Founder, Injured Workers Alliance
and Workplace Injured


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