Re: Adjuster laughed that I might be crippled

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Posted by Kay Abel on November 10, 1999 at 20:39:52:

In Reply to: Adjuster laughed that I might be crippled posted by Karen Bisson on November 01, 1998 at 03:52:05:

Karen, I am very sorry to hear what happen to you. Your insurance adjuster is a sociopath like my husbands. I have spoken to her on the phone only twice during the past 5 0r 6 years. She won't talk to me because we have been in litagation with SAIF. The last time I spoke to her about my husbands medical needs, she became so angry she slammed the phone down in the middle of our conversation. She is rude and incompetent. She is well paid and receives bonuses for intimadating workers and causing them to become discouraged and give up fighting for their rights. It is very difficult to stand up to the relentless harassment that goes on for years. My husband is totally and permanently injured from a seizure disorder from a head injury that has the potential of killing him every time he has a seizure. SAIF and their adjusters, attorneys and medical whores have ridiculed and mocked us for years and we are told not to "take it personally" Just keep smiling as they kick your teeth in. This is a truly evil system that we have the total misfortune of being involved in. I can only believe that all our pain and suffering WILL NOT be in vain. It has happened to us so that we can now tell our stories, expose the criminals and change this evil system. We must demand campaign finance reform to stop the bribes and influence pedaling and we must elect legislators who won't sell out to the insurance companies. Best regards, Kay Abel

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