laughing at these Insurance Idiots (you know who you are)

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Posted by The Director on November 13, 1999 at 00:47:22:

Must be a hard life working at one of those "cutting edge" Jobs, With all the Stress of having to decide Which "Claimant" to Screw First.....

Face the Facts now, You Folks (Insurance "Scum") Have made Some Serious Errors and are now starting to feel like Everybodie's Scapegoats.

Why is that? You certainly aren't doing anything Different now that you were the Year Before.
Maybe it is the Workers Themselves That Have Changed.

Could it be that after all these Years and Billions of Dollars that the People that Workmans Comp was set up to Benefit and Protect are Fighting Back?

You say , No it can't be that we leave them with Nothing so they can not possibly have any spirit left to Fight with.

We take their health, Possesions and Life savings they can't possibly be a threat they are nothing to us.

well I hate to be the First to tell you this but .......

you have by your Own Hands Created the One Thing that will bring you to justice, By Ignoring Us and abusing the System that was placed to Protect us and return us to health so that you could Boast of Vast profits.

So now You will See what your Arrogance has Created....A Mind and Will that are Unified in a Single cause.

the Complete Reformation Of The laws returning us to a time when we Had real Rights not Some Fiction called "Exclusive Remedy".

Don't say we didn't warn you....

And Soon like The Roaches you are , Running from the Light and wanting only Darkness and Filth, You Will be Objects of Disgust useful only to Other Vermin.

the People want Change, The People are no longer going to sit back and take it and the best part is....

When we are Doing to you waht you have been doing to us all these years, you will Know that Its your Own Greedy , Satanic,Profits over People Mindset that Got this done.

You pushed too far you Idiots Forgot the First Rule of Tyranny, Don't get Carried away with your Belief in your Own Invincibility.


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