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Posted by Robert L on January 13, 1999 at 15:27:58:

I found this excellent expose' at the following site. Here it is

How to defend yourself against the medical whore in an IME

1) [Check with your attorney] In most states you may not refuse a medical examination out of hand, but you may refuse a SPECIFIC physician. Check around. The medical profession pretty well knows who the whores are. Nurses are often more knowledgeable and forthcoming than physicians. The closed club still exists to some extent.

2) Bring a friend who can attest to the time spent in examination, and what actually happened and what was said. No matter what, is said or done, this person is *not* to leave your side. Be as insistant as necessary. Take notes with times, or have your witness do it. Use an audio tape recorder.

3) If possible, bring someone to record and video tape the entire procedure. If the videotaping is refused, make sure you get the refusal on tape.

4) Do not be afraid of of offending the IME "physician"; they're out to crucify you in any event.
Ask questions, especially if you are taping the event. These are not Gods but human filth and should be
treated accordingly.

5) When asked a question, answer only the question, no more. The whore will make up answers for you anyhow. Give as little information as possible. Whatever you do say will be twisted and perverted to be used against you. Volunteer nothing.

6) If you have had enough torture, or most especially if the examiner is actually hurting you, announce that the examination is over and leave. When it comes to this, make sure that the announcement is being taped and your reason is stated.

7) Spend the time and effort to get examinations by truly competent and conscientious physicians. They are becoming scarcer and harder to find. Rule of thumb: genius recommends genius.
But, people change and this is not failsafe, but it's the best you can do, unless you know an appropriate one personally.

8) Some medical whores have, by their consistent outrageousness, become known throughout the medical and legal profession, and even become known by judges who will dismiss them, or laugh them out of a courtroom. In this case, your defense has already been
made for you. This is all too rare. The obvious cannot always be counted upon.

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