1999 Legislature - Work comp laws

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Posted by PT on January 14, 1999 at 23:06:03:

Todays Oregonian in the business section had an article about WC that said in part and I quote:

Senate Majority Leader Gene Derfler, R-Salem, is chairman of a special committee that he says was structured to give him the votes to keep a tight rein on any changes in the system. Kitzhaber has made it clear he doesn't want to go beyond the modest changes recommended by a management-labor advisory committee.

If what MLAC is recommending can in anyones wildest imagination be considered "modest" then automatic prison terms after a work injury must be in store in their next session.

I don't consider modest:
1. Unlimited IME's
2. Not being able to go to any state agency when my civil rights are violated. (our WC system is one giant civil right violation)
3. No real state agency oversight in determining whether a claim closure was proper.

Derfler has by his statement said he "rigged" the committee. Why is there even a legislature if one corrupt, immoral gangster can play GOD with the lives of 1.6 million workers.

I'll be at this meeting in Portland Sunday.

The IWA moderator has deleted the last sentence of this message that included an obscenity. After much internal debate I decided to leave unchanged the balance since the above memtioned Oregonian article does exist and some (though not I) could get the impression left in the last paragraph. I, and I believe Sen. Derfler would support the fundamental free speech rights of this message poster even though we disagree with his opinion.

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