Re: Injured workers insulted by KXL Radio (my e-mail to them)

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Posted by Pam on November 23, 1999 at 13:01:29:

In Reply to: Injured workers insulted by KXL Radio (my e-mail to them) posted by Del on November 22, 1999 at 19:11:02:

I understand that you think that Florida case of Workers' Comp, 11/22/99
is absurd..
I also find it absurd..for someone to get compensation for, carpual tunnel,(masturbating), while preforming a
request by her employer to "keep the caller on the phone as long as she can" during her phone sex job...
As there are things out there to prevent that type of injury, in that line of work...

We know that you did never give statics on this particular story..
What we are doing is actually asking to provide statics to you...

I quote you "I want callers to have opinions and be able to back them up".
O.K. we have a legitimate opinion and the statics to back them up...
It is our experience that the media has ignored the horrible plight of
what the injured worker is FORCED to endure..
The pain of denied critical medical treatment, the stress, anxiety, and depression
the injured worker and their families are forced to go through. Especially
during the holidays..

Gary, the media always produces the fraudulant and absurd claims,
NOONE has ever produced the real story. The real truth, the legitimate claims,
and the facts of the insurance companies having "professionals" write bogus reports
stating there are no findings. In all actually, the injures are legitimate..When in all reality, it is about the ole' mighty buck..

People have lost their homes, families, and some their lives..
All due to this system...

Please Gary, if you are going to do a story about an absurd claim..
Do a story about a legitimate there is less than 1% of fraud out there..
Lets make the odds even....
Not all injured workers are frauds..If they are so many frauds, why don't they prosecute them???

Pamela Wimp
Workplace Injured

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