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Posted by Kim-Again on November 24, 1999 at 09:13:04:

In Reply to: Re: NEED HELP in MI! PLEASE! posted by Kim on November 23, 1999 at 14:46:15:

Well...that "other" lawyer called...and well...pretty much putting it SHORT, he told me that it WAS NOT up to my lawyer to file allegations against the IME (Independant Medical Evaluation-Independant is the OXYMORON part of this btw...) and well...pretty much he said that I have a lawyer and that I should expect him to ONLY handle the work comp!

He left me more upset than ever. He went on and on about how UPS (ubss as I call them---united bs service) isn't really as BIG as like GM and yadda-yadda...when I KNOW DIFFERENT...guess I'll have to give this guy I ran into last spring a call....his lawyer NEVER made reference to Engler's Nazi's and also told him that while the company he worked for was the 3rd worst (at least in Michigan...I think) for fighting comp claims 2nd was Ford and the worst UPS for this...

See part of my "PROBLEM" was that I was able to WALK after this happened...and since nothing split OPEN and/or needed surgery from this 6 ft fall...I am BEING "PUNISHED" for taking care of MY BODY. OOPS! SORRY...I was RAISED THAT WAY! After ALL it IS the ONLY ONE I AM GIVEN THANK YOU...

you should have heard this guy when I mentioned that NO LAWYER was WILLING to TAKE ON ups..."i've gone up against them plenty of times..." yadda yadda...

My "NEXT SCHEDULED" ""HEARING"" is Dec. 15th...I do NOT trust MY current "lawyer" I just do NOT trust him...a bad ''feeling'' I get...esp because of all the bs that ubss is pulling right at present! and his refusal/denial that he SHOULD BE doing MORE ON MY BEHALF! I HAVE called those "LEGAL SERVICES" that give you "names of lawyers"...and gotten NO WHERE! they just tell me that I HAVE A LAWYER...what am I to do...lie and say that I don't??? I have been off since I fell 5/5/98...I'd look really STUPID if I told them that...

I don't know anymore...

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