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Posted by Kay on December 09, 1999 at 14:14:59:

In Reply to: YAY !!! posted by The Director on December 08, 1999 at 08:14:13:

Yay Part 2. Thanks, you guys for getting the board back up. Sorry my last post sounded so negative. I had a lapse when I just read an article in Oregonian of 12-9-99 about people who choose to take care of their spouses at home instead of warehousing them. The state pays 217 Oregonians to care for their severely impaired spouses, many of whom have progressively debilitating conditions. Last summer, the legislature cut this 12 year old program, saving $3.4 million over the next two years. The average pay to these caregivers is $1,200.00 a month. The legislature, in it's unfailing wisdom, the legislature decided that though it is more expensive to pay outside caregivers, it is less expense to the state. Although state officials say that spouses are more stable and effective caregivers than outsiders. Se, Eileen Qutub, R-Beaverton, chaired the committee that made the cut. 197 of these families are being notified that payments to spouses will end March 31, 2000. The husband and wife mentioned by name in the article, married for 30 years, are considering divorcing so that the husband could be hired as the wife's non-spousal caregiver. In my opinion, there is an all out attack on families. Solid families are what hold our country together. Without that glue, we will fall completely into the hands of Big Brother. I don't want to be on this planet when that happens. Our people are being deceived little by little. I hope America wakes up before it's too late. As you see, like some I talk to, I don't believe it is too late. But even if it is, I will never stop fighting against the "Machine." God Bless you all and keep the faith.

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