My Letter to Senator Qtip !!!

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Posted by The Director on December 10, 1999 at 17:10:50:

In Reply to: Spousal caregivers posted by Kay on December 10, 1999 at 16:35:36:

Senator Qutub, May I comment on the proposal indicated in the following news
clip ?

thank you.

Bad Bad Bad, it can't possibly get worse for People living so close to the
margin of poverty (if that) Singling out Folks that have it bad enough is
the most Cynical form of Government " out of Sight out of Mind " seems to
sum it up nicely !

Ok lets see if these folks have any claim to this funding .... well just off
the top of my head any nation that send Billions of Dollars to Foreign
Nations and gets to watch them Protest our nations Policies , has the
Ability to provide the Tiny Assistance that this type of caregiver
arrangement pays the spouse of a Disabled person.

Step into Their shoes for a Minute ... You are married to some one that you
love deeply and are expecting to spend the rest of your life with.

He/She becomes Disabled and it is not covered by insurance of some type
(catastrophic Disease , Etc.) and he needs support for all simple daily

to do this you either ,
A. place him in some type of "Home" dehumanizing him and placing an
incredible Financial burden on you, family and TAXPAYERS (HINT )
B. Stay home and Care for him / her your self ( Marriage Vows sound familiar
C. Kill him/her

ok lets look those options over ,
A. maybe in YOUR Family. in mine I watched my Grandparents on both sides
care for their disabled spouses through their lifetimes never complaining.
it was simply unthinkable to "send them away "

Also that TAX thing can get pretty steep. Spousal Caregivers cost much much
less than a skilled nursing facility and there is no liability .

B. sounds like what nearly all families I know of do . ( just a thought ...
Which political party likes to boast that it is the Family oriented one ?
just wondering?)
C. Still Illegal

Sort of leaves only one strong winner doesn't it ?
Now as these "spouse's" are performing a service to the Taxpayer that is
heavily discounted and comes with so many Pluses I can't take the time in
ONE email to address them, why not pay them a Fair wage ?

Not paying them Puts us the taxpayer back in the position of shoveling out
for a Nursing facility etc. etc. as these Humans (gee they are aren't they
?) need to eat and live in some type of shelter.

Worst case scenario 300 people in each state on this program at XXX number
of Dollars per family viewed from the Known expense of Nursing facilities
it is a Great Deal.

fiscally conservative types would propose this plan except that would mean
that they would have had to acknowledge them as Humans and Citizens.

It's your call senator , back off on this Proposal or it will likely get so
many people fighting mad On Both Sides of the Political Spectrum .

Its Bad ,mean and also to put a Point on this Dumb.

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