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Posted by Barbara on December 13, 1999 at 14:50:33:

In Reply to: Re: The Rainmaker posted by Kay on December 09, 1999 at 13:49:01:

The injured workers of this country are immediatley
declared throw away citizens. I have been fighting
a tiring battle with WC for 2 1/2 years, in Alaska.
It is no different anywhere, the insurers and thier
power attorneys spend at least 10 times what they
provide in medical care for the injured worker. The
injured worker if he/she can even find an attorney
usually finds (at least in Alaska) that thier attorney
makes deals with the insurers attorney to make the
injured worker "go away" and by doing this the injured
workers attorney is givin payment for the bill he
submits rather then take it to the WC Board which
awards the 3% of what the injured worker is awarded.
This is unlike many states that have to take thier
claim into court, Alaska has a Board that must here
the case and claims and they are the only thing the
injured worker has as a remidy unless you appeal the
boards desission you can then file in civil court,
where the judge then determines if the board erred
in interperting the law, being the board consists
of just lay man. But, again good luck finding an
attorney to take a WC Case. We in Alaska have organized
and formed the injured workers alliance, and have
put the pressure back on the system, we have gotten
a representative to sponser a legislative audit.
The preliminary finding was that the law favors the
insurers, the final report will be out in March 2000.
February issue of Consumer Report is doing a piece
on our group and the problems we as injured workers
incounter woth the insurers. We will not roll over
we will stand fast until the WC Law in Alaska is
changed, we will no longer stand by and watch our
fellow workers be maimed and financally ruined by
the insurance companies. I for one am dealing with
a life time debilitating disease that could have
been avoided had the insurers not paid for medical
opinions to deny needed medical care to correct a
hip injury in a timely manner.
Rainmaker is a fact it happens everyday you would
think that the American People would read the writting
on the wall about these tactics used by insurance
companies. I will not rest until the adjusters are
made accountable for thier actions of deny, deny,
deny, even against recommendations of the professional
medical doctors.

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