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Posted by Crystal Balls on December 13, 1999 at 16:07:49:

AP Newswire April 10 2002.

The Un Today Denounced Oregon's Policy of Harvesting Organs from Oregon's Workers.

A little over a year after Oregon Seceded from the United States under the Leadership of Emporer Kevin , The world opinion is united in declaring the Practice of removing Eyes and kidneys from still living Employees Unhuman and a Violation of Human Rights.

Based on the Former State of Oregon's Workers Compensation Laws the New Empire has Perverted the Intent of the law so that not only is Murdering Workers Permitted but rewarded.

The world was initially disgusted to learn that Minimum wages were abolished and Slavery reintroduced, but later developements in Oregon have earned the Complete Dismay of world Leaders, even many third world Nations believe that Oregon has gone too far.

AP Newswire April 10 2002

Recreational Facilities or Concentration Camps ?

Emporer Kevin has ordered the construction of large " Outdoors Recreational Facilities" for Oregons Population.
these facilities being built in remote areas of Oregon are causing alarm for many Human Rights observers. a Source in Amnesty International States " How Many recreational Facilities do you know of that have 40 Foot tall barbed wire fences around them ?" as satellite Images show these areas have Towers and minefields surrounding them we feel that the intent is to build Concentration Camps for the People declared to be " Subversive" such as Pro democracy activists and Former Union Members as well as Groups Like Workplace Injured that actively Opposed Emporer Kevin's Rise to power.

Also we are rather uneasy about the proximity of these "camps" to The new medical Facilities used to Harvest Organs from Still Living People.

AP Newswire April 10 2002

Vietnam Boycotts Oregon Products.

In a Move likely to be followed by other nations Vietnam announced today that due to the Alarming Human Rights Abuses in The Former State of Oregon , that Vietnam would be Boycotting all products imported from Oregon .

" We feel that enough is enough" says Vietnams Ambassador to the Un Xium Hua Quanh, someone must make a stand , we call on the UN to send a Human Rights Committee to Oregon to Verify the Disturbing Reports of wholesaale Slaughter of Hundreds of Thousands of Oregon's Citizens in the Name of Corporate Profit.

AP Newswire April 10 2002.

Declaration By Emporer Kevin.

In Oregon today , The Former Legislator and Attorney General Declared the Entire Nation of Oregon to be under Martial Law.
Using the massive Power and support of the Insurance Industry that Brought Him to Power , Emporer Kevin Today announced that due to "Subversives " He Felt the situation Dire enough to require strong Measures.

effective today any Persons Known to The Imperial Intelligence Service ( Formerly SAIF) will be forcibly relocated to the Facilities In Eastern Oregon for Purposes of "Re education" and Mental Health Care.

Qouting one Un Named Former resident in a Refugee camp in California "It's to bad More people didn't Vote to prevent him from becoming State Attorney General as the Evidence was all there he wanted very much to advance the Agenda of the Insurance Industry he Now has allowed to Do as they wish in Oregon More suffering will come you just watch !"

You may think this is fiction now but let Emporer Kevin get in a Higher Office and you may as well Pack up and Move now before he Completely Sells out all your Civil Rights to his REAL Lords the Insurance Industry.

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