Clinton signs law to help Disabled Workers

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Posted by Tom L on December 17, 1999 at 11:00:12:

Washington, Saying work is at the heart of the American dream, President Clinton today signed into law a bill
that allows millions of Disabled Americans to keep their Government-funded health coverage when they take a job.
Clinton signed the bill in the shadow of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, a tribute to a president who struggled
with a disability.

The Memorial has a statue of Roosevelt in a wheelchair that is mostly hidden by a cloak

Clinton said, this defies common sense and economic logic, This is about more than jobs and paychecks. It is fundementally about the Diginity
of each Human Being, about recognizing that work is at the heart of the American Dream

The Law provides $150 million in grants to encourage states to allow disabled worker to buy Medicaid, the state and federal health program for the poor
Under the new law, many of the estimated 9million disabled adults will be able to re-enter the work force.
It also increases to 550.000 the number of disabled people who will recieve rehabilitation and training services over the next ten years.

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass, a sponsor of the bill said disabled people will no longer "Be consigned to the shadows of American life.
"Now, when we say equal opportunity for all, it will b clear that we mean all, " Kennedy said.

This is a very good bill, It will help thousands if not millions of Disabled people who's disability's have kept them out of the job market.

Hey Governor Kitzhaber and our current lawmakers.
Get on the bandwagon. Take this bill to the next level and help the people that would love to return to a productive life.

The attitude of this nation and especially the State Of Oregon have always looked at disabled workers as a drain on our society, It is not their fault
of becoming disabled, it is your responsibility to see that this new law is implemented correctly. Attitudes have to change before
the business climate to look at Disabled workers as an asset instead of a burden that you have created!.

Hats off to our President and his sponsors of this very important bill. When I see bills such as this signed into law, It makes me proud to
be an American.

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