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Injured at Work

Umatilla Chemical Depot Illustration

The Army, with Raytheon's participation, tested the wrong rooms, even though records show they knew where the workers had been injured.

See the illustration below

Text of top black block says, Area where majority of workers went down. Text of botton black block says, Area tested for agent, according to OSHA report. The yellow areas are were the Army and Osha inspected for chemical agents

Woloszyn, the depot commander, says the Army had excellent reasons for the four-hour delay on testing inside the building. First, crews had to make sure everyone was safely outside, he says. Then the building was sealed, and crews in mobile monitoring trucks were tested outdoors for chemical agent, and then were tested in nearby concrete bunkers, called "igloos." It was more important, before entering the building, to detect and stop any spilling of chemicals, he says. After the crews found no sign of a spill, they could go inside.

They simply tested the wrong rooms!


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