Where Oh Where Are All The Doctors Hiding?

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Where Oh Where Are All The Doctors Hiding?

Postby lizestallings@aol.com » July 13th, 2005, 11:10 am

The entire last two years of my life have been a freakin nightmare. I have worked full time for almost 30 years. I've never had a problem getting medical care using my Insurance.
Now I have a Neck and spine injury and my insurance is Washington state L&I . I have a feeling all the Doctors are hiding under rocks praying I'll drop dead less they be forced to treat me. It took me months to finally find a Physician at Harbor View. I had to sneak in the back door by making an appointment for a physical and using my medical insurance from work (Before they fired me for being hurt and I lost my insurance) This idiot never ever returns my phone calls,Follows through with his own referrals or has his schedule up so I can make an Appointment.He refers to my neck injury as my shoulder injury. If It were not for the IME examination I'd have starved to death. He found me medically unstable so my benefits were reinstated after my physician signed off for me to go back to work at my nonexistent job. I hadn't actually been able to get an appointment with my physician for months so my God damn head could have been cut off for all he knew.
I have been looking for an Orthopedic Doctor since January
when the IME suggested I see one .My Doctor in Seattle called his collage roommate over here on the Olympic Peninsula and was told there are no Orthopedic Doctors anywhere on the Peninsula who will take L&I neck Injuries unless they are in the unfortunate circumstance of being your primary care physician BEFORE your injured.
I was stunned When I found out I can't sue my employer even though I was injured using faulty work equipment I had reported as dangerous and needing repair several time for months.(I was a supervisor and on the safety committee so It was my job to report it). I was told it was not a priority.The day after my MRI came back it seemed to be a priority to completely replace it with brand new equipment . My ex employer and myself are forced to participate in and pay for state wide Insurance that no Doctor will take. I may have been born at night but it wasn't last night. That's not insurance .Its extortion .
After seven months It appears I have located the only orthopedic doctor in the entire State of Washington who will see a L&I patient with a two year old neck injury.Wow I'll bet he's good. Hopefully he's a real Doctor. He cant possibly be any worse then my last Doctor unless he isn't breathing. Elizabeth Stallings

where are all the doctors?

Postby lizestallings » July 15th, 2005, 12:39 am

Have you sought your injured workers alliance web page for the State of Washington? After dealing with crooked workers compensation insurance claims administrators, their lawyers, and the IME doctors they hire to "slay" you, you have a long and weary road ahead. IT is the most unfair, dishonest system designed to suck you dry of your life, money and sanity. The good doctors are hiding unfortunately! The insurance companies have made the reputable, honest doctors RUN! Unfortunately these doctors have experienced the dishonest games the insurance carriers play with them, to make them go and hide from defending honest decent people! Perhaps your best chance is to Network your circle of friends to pursue a physician that they might be able to put you in contact with. Also the injured workers alliance of Washington must have some fine people who have experienced the misjustice of this game they play. Never give up, keep pressing for your rights, make their life miserable the way they intend to make yours. Believe me, it was my only salvation for slaying the SNAKES that the politicians in Salem allow to roam freely! God Bless YOU! They are the FRAUDS!!!!!!!

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