workmans comp. am i eligeble for a settlement??? ty

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workmans comp. am i eligeble for a settlement??? ty

Postby ruffneck81 » March 10th, 2008, 9:56 am

ill make it quick. i am in the state of VA. late last year i feel at work injuring y ankle to a 3rd degree sprain, healing has been really slow, now my company is saying that if i am not back at work right now they have no choice but to let me go, due to their 6 month policy. so i am on workmans comp getting 2/3 of my pay right now my doc wants to see me in april, and then will do surgery after that if there has not been a great improvement. physical therapy was no good either. i am upset because i locved my job, and worked hard to get there, but now i am going to loose it, and even after the surgery i know they wont hire me back, i am now a liability for them. so my question is at what point should i or will i be entitled for a compensation payment? if at all? but it is wrong that i am going to surely lookse my job over an injury that happened at work, i am going to see an attorney soon. hopefully i can find alittle help here.
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Postby Webmaster » March 10th, 2008, 10:46 am

Most state worker's comp. laws require an employer to hold a job unless the position is eliminated altogether for unrelated reasons. It's usually two years or more that they have to take you back in some position.

Also, in many states, if a worker exceeds the limitations their attending physician has placed on what job duties they can perform, the insurer can unilaterally close their claim and not have to pay anything.

You need to consult a lawyer ASAP as your employer may be trying to set you up.

Read our "Critical advice for those injured at work" on the home page.
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