Humiliated and financially ruined by my injuries at work

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Humiliated and financially ruined by my injuries at work

Postby injwrkr9899 » September 23rd, 2009, 10:19 am

Hello Edoctoor, I saw your site on you tube and I liked it . I just found this forum I don't know if it's working or not. I have been defamated, humiliated and financially ruined by my injuries at work. I can tell you this.. read everything you can about IME's. You have to be your own advocate.. Yell scream whatever to get your Neurology tests, x-rays,MRI's. Do not wait while the insurance companies deny all requests for testing. If you can have the testing done on your own(I somehow got an MRI through my private Ins. but was forced to repay all of it because the injury was work related)I agreed to pay $20.00 a month until it was paid off, they can't take you to collections if you are making a payment with the terms you agree too. I no longer have employment (administratively discharged) was retrained to do a job in the construction Industry( do not have enough education to land a desk job in construction(most co. want 4 year degree BS) Still on restrictions for no lifting with right arm , no repetetive motion, ( had surgery for carpel tunnel and Cubital tunnel) Ins co has denied my torn rotator cuff and right shoulder Impingement) Here I am trying to live on 132.00 a week unemployment ins. (they denied my request for base year extension) so I requested a hearing on that. Send everything Certified mail! Get a lawyer the day after you are injured! Do not think you will be treated fairly or advised of your rights by your employer or the insurance co. 16 years of slamming and jamming hard work as a meatwrapper and meat cutter and now I need welfare and food stamps and a place to live. Ain't life grand. Keep appealing your denials, keep a daily journal of your activiteis, claim all mileage to dr.appointments. Don't be depressed and discouraged, or sit around waiting for help or you will be right where I am.
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