About the ADA, and what I beleive I went through, and others

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About the ADA, and what I beleive I went through, and others

Postby hindsightore » July 28th, 2009, 6:14 pm

Lets start with a hard working disabled person, who has never thought that the disablities she or he had were not a, high matainance type of disablity. After years of employment she or he developes arm and finger, numbness, but this doesn't worry the worker, because through life they have had those side effects and pretty much they are there. Now take the law of Oregon State where they give the company/employer the choise to teach their employees about repetitive disease or not, etc. So you go happily working not even realizing there is something wrong! And bam pushing on a light frieght box your arms collaps... and damage is done. Where is the ADA in this sort of case? And of coarse, in my eyes that isn't the only problem I see as a disabled person trying to work their way through the system of worker comp. If anyone is agreeing with me please leave us a comment
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