why are they really there

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why are they really there

Postby very angry » October 5th, 2005, 3:16 pm

I am a person who back in July of this year was hit in the face by a burglar at work,i tried to go back to work but it proved to be to much for me was in turn fired for not being able to perform my job to the company's expectations. I have had some serious problems with my balance sense this happened. I have gone to many many different doctors appts. my doctor has taken me completely out of work,and even taken my driving away. I have done everything that they have asked me to do and it still it's not enough. so now I still have more appts and am about to lose everything that I own including my house. what I don't understand is that they have asked for objective medical findings and my doctor has given them all of that and it still isn't good enough. they however did give me one small payment, when i have called back to see when they will be sending my next one they tell me that until i have not completed all of the things that they want they will not make anymore payments, ok lets go and see the neurologist, then he can tell me to go and see an E.N.T. Does it do any good for a doctor to tell your case manager that you need to be seen by an E.N.T not a neroligest? no. so here I sit and become angrier with each passing day. so really why are they really here? I got it, to create a hardship for the people who are really hurt.I am so frustrated that at times I really feel as though this a hopeless fight, I mean really what rights do I really have? I know I have the right to be SCREWED by the state of Washington. :x You know that this is not about me as an individual it is about all of the workers in Washington can all pay into the L&I fund but when we really need the help its not there, why not take the money that we have put in and us it in other ways. like for instance lets waste money and send the client the same letter 2 or 3 times or lets hire a vocational person to come to your house and tell you that there is nothing that they can do for you, but hey can you still fill out this stack of papers for us,( so that we can justify our job as a pawn of the state funded circus) :? Well hopefully there is someone out there that can understand what the hell I am going through.
sincerely, VERY ANGRY
very angry

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