Light duty. no hours. no options

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Light duty. no hours. no options

Postby chris » September 21st, 2006, 11:38 am

hi. i work for a temporary service and was sent to country coach. i was supposed to be hired on automatically after 90 days. i worked for over 4 months, then my wrists started to hurt. they told me i had tendinitous. i was sent to the temp service and they told me that i need to go to physical therapy and work in the office. i attended therapy for about 2 months and the tendinitous was healed in my right wrist. the left wrist was getting worse and better off and on. after about 4 months they took an xray and found out that my left wrist was fractured. this is one thing that brought me to this site. i have been to 2 surgeons. one said i need immediate surgery involving taking bone from my hip and putting it in my wrist with a screw. the other said i should not get surgery it will make it worse. the temp service put me in the office with another injured worker doing radio audits.( listening to the radio and writing down every commercial) we worked 30-40 hours pwe week doing this and i was verry upset about what i had to do. then it got worse. i am currently averaging 3.6 hours a day for work because the temp service makes me and 1 other man sit in a chair on the side of the road in the cold for 8 hours a day holding a now hiring sign outside of the office. this is our the option we were given. i can not stand this type of torture and i dont deserve it because i got hurt. the other man comes in every day. as of a couple weeks ago the other man who has a similar injury to me has to walk around a 6 block radius carrying the sign while i sit. 8 hours a day. he asked if we can rotate and they said no. he has had some pretty nasty blisters on is feet and the employer told him to just stop walking so fast and slow down. the doctor for the secnd opinion was in portland, and i live in eugene. i had to ride the greyhound. i was gone for over 13 hours that day and i am only getting paid for 3.6 hours of it because that is my average daily hours. last week we got a new injured worker at the office. he was given the option to stay and do radio audits for full wages, or stay home and collect 66% of his wages, an option i never got. he immediately took the radio audit. he did audits for about a week before they put him outside on sign duty. he told them that he changed is mind, he wants 66% and they said no. i was wondering what i should do about this i am very angry. i never got the option he got. and they are driving all of their injured workers to either quit or not come in to work. please help.
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