Portland Oregon Firefighters and Police Officers denied work

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Portland Oregon Firefighters and Police Officers denied work

Postby Tomh » October 27th, 2006, 9:13 am

Portland Oregon Firefighters and Police Officers denied workers compensaton rights.

I was sent to an IME. Prior to going I found this site and read the information regarding Oregon SB 311. I thought how great legeslative reform on IME that give the injured worker some rights. I advised my claims person that I would be bringing an observer along with me to the IME. I was informed that none of the rights allowed to injured workers in ORS 656 apply to Portland Firefighters or Police Officers. A portion of that law (ORS 656.027) blocks them from receiving any rights under that law. As a result I was told I could not bring an observer along. I further learned that when we retire we have to pay the cost of medical exspence related to our on the job injuries, even if they are approved claims. This is unlike the state workers comp system that continues to pay medical bill that were related to a compensable on the job injury.

Is was looking for some guidence form IWA on how to go about changing the situation through legislaion, or a correction to ORS656. Tomh
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