Oregon hospitals average $3.2 million in profits

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Oregon hospitals average $3.2 million in profits

Postby Webmaster » February 25th, 2005, 3:04 pm

Oregon Health Forum, May 1998

Oregon hospitals average $3.2 million in profits

AS managed care squeezes the health care dollar ever tighter, doctors, insurance companies and hospitals have taken turns complaining. But as shown in Oregon Health Forum's exhaustive new report, "The Finances and Services of Oregon Hospitals, 1994-1997," most hospitals in the state would be guilty of crying wolf.

By comparing the three most-recent fiscal years for each hospital, OHF determined that the average three-year profits were $9.5 million for Oregon hospitals. As average profits grew 72% from 1994 to 1997, charity care at the hospitals lagged far behind in most cases.

This 224-page report details what the hospitals earned and spent, how many patients they saw, what kinds of procedures they did and how much money they paid their executives. It is the most complete accounting ever of the operations of Oregon hospitals, and the information in the report will prove invaluable to anyone who's interested in health care in Oregon. For more information, see the Special Reports page.

Special Reports page http://www.healthforum.org/special.html
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