IME Practices for Ten Years without a Medical Degree

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IME Practices for Ten Years without a Medical Degree

Postby Webmaster » February 25th, 2005, 4:23 pm

Independent Medical Examiner Practices for Ten Years without a Medical Degree

Mark Nepokroeff practiced medicine in Niagara County, New York without having completed medical school. His diploma was a fake. However, New York gave him a medical license, allowed him to perform IME exams and to treat workers' compensation claimants. The federal government had him doing disability eligibility exams for Social Security Disability and SSI. His punishment: four months in federal prison and $233,439 in restitution.

Nepokroeff's attitude toward the disabled was astonishing. He has stated, "There is no such thing as a totally disabled person", "Most people on workers' compensation just want a free vacation" and "Most people on workers' compensation are fraudulent." His response to hearing that one of his workers' compensation patients had jumped out of a top window of Erie County Medical Center was to laugh and say, "Well his problems are over."
Dishonest IME's lose licenses ... iveId=1638

After the scandal hit the media in NY this week (who were alerted by a lovely person very active in the injured worker movement in NYS) :P :

NYS Workers' Compensation officials are going through files in WNY trying to find out if any claimants were denied benefits based on an IME report by Dr. Mark Nepokroeff of Niagara and Erie Counties (or so they are telling the media).

It seems MR. Nepokroeff never finished med school and never received a diploma. And NYS Education officials granted him a license anyway. He has been practicing medicine since 1992.

He was an IME, he was an approved provider for Independent Health, he did presurgical physical exams for eye doctors, Anthone & Siedlicki in Amherst and he did disability determinations for Social Security.

The US Attorney's office have had him under investigation for months and recently alerted the NY Dept. of Professional Medical Misconduct who immediately revoked his medical license. Federal charges are pending. Lawyers for disabled SSD and SSI clients are looking through their caseloads also for unfairly denied clients.

Mr. Nepokroeff regularly told me "there was no such thing as a disabled person", "that everyone can work", and "most people on workers' compensation are fraudulent".

As a patient of MR. Nepokroeff's is there anyway his patients can sue the state over breach of trust or something? How about the hospital where he interned?

click on "Health" then scroll down to "Pendleton man"

Also, IME Dr. Bloom of NYC has lost his license for sexually abusing patients. If you were ever evaluated by him contact your lawyer.

Check at the NYS Health Dept.: look under December or type in their names

Mary Jeffords
Injured Workers of New York, Inc.
Man sentenced for fraudulently practicing medicine
Fox 23 News ... 50D01CABFB

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) - A man who admitted he fraudulently practiced medicine for nearly a decade with a forged diploma and transcripts was sentenced to four months in prison and two years probation, including four months of home confinement, a prosecutor announced Tuesday.

Mark Nepokroeff must also repay $233,439 to health insurance companies and benefits programs, according to U.S. Attorney Michael Battle.

When he pleaded guilty to health care fraud in January, Nepokroeff agreed to surrender the state medical license he obtained in 1992 with false documents after an investigation by state and federal investigators.

Nepokroeff fraudulently practiced medicine in western New York from 1992 and December 2001, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney John Rogowski, who prosecuted the case.

Nepokroeff only completed three of four years in the medical program at the Universidad del Noreste in Tampico, Mexico, but never graduated from it or any medical school program.

State of New York - Statement of Charges
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