DCBS: IME Survey - Injured Worker Statements

The modus operandi of these exams is to defeat the claim. Learn how to prepare for one. See evidence of bias and fraud. Read the revealing state-conducted IME study.

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DCBS: IME Survey - Injured Worker Statements

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Injured Worker Statements in DCBS IME Survey

7. Did you have any difficulties getting to the exam? 7a. If other, explain: (most survey answers listed)

wages lost

wrong directions

travel - about 330 miles one way


Had neck surgery 3 days prior

Wrong address given

My brother had to take me


Couldn't take a job.

Driver conflicts

Finding a driver.

Painful and uncomfortable.

was too injured to travel the distance for the exams

I don't have a drivers license

Lost a day's work

I had to have someone drive me.

I had to rent a car

Bad weather

Don't drive - had to arrange travel.


Distance and traveling pain.

No car, bus line was not convenient.

The distance and my wifes time loss

Hard to find.

Money issues.

8. Did you have any difficulties covering your travel expenses? 8a. If yes, please describe your difficulties. (all survey answers listed)

I received none.

I work, I missed time off that was not recovered as was the other three exams I was scheduled to go to

Finding transportation, then money for gas

Wasn't working or receiving any compensation at time had to borrow money for gas

Had to borrow gas money to get to Portland. I do believe that NW Liberty paid me back in 2003

it took time to get your money back

Was no money at all coming in from my injuries

No job, and being on unemployment and after paying bills, I had difficulty getting rides to appointments on time

No mention of reimbursement a friend had a expense paper which I filled out and sent to SAIF

Don't think I received any help

They did not pay

My expenses where not reimbursed

I paid it

Since Liberty pays no compensation I had to borrow money, until they finally sent traveling money

Was not working at the time, did not have income from SAIF

I had no money coming in but I still had to see my doctor

None have been reimbursed

SAIF was the party that was responsible

Haven't been sent a check yet

never was paid

Didn't have any money because Ins Co has never paid me for missing work

They don't reimburse you until months later, and it was hard to afford food and gas at the time.

I borrowed money for expenses cause I barely make it now
My time my money

Have to wait for reimbursement for travel expenses

SAIF did not pay for my child care or the actual miles on the car and it hurt to sit, stand or walk and I had to go to Portland from La Grande it was very painful

It took SAIF so long to reimburse you for your money

Never received mileage expenses

Never was reimbursed for time or travel

Did not request.

Had to borrow money for expense and was later reimbursed. Had contacted for funds to travel in ample time.

I did not get reimbursed for money traveling to appointments. They had said they would and never did reimburse me.

SAIF paid for travel expenses.

I had to borrow money to get there and back and wait for reimbursement.

SAIF paid for the first trip to Eugene only.

No travel or lost wages were recovered.

Could not pay my bills & prescriptions.

Just paid the cost myself. Did not want the hassle!!!

SAIF stated that they had over paid me and no more payment would be made.

Gas money for auto.

Did not keep track on the time loss at work or fuel economy

But only partial reimbursement.

Never was reimbursed I paid for it.

Didn't try to get money for travel expenses

Didn't try to get money for travel expenses

The insurer didn't pay me back for transportation to get to the exam.

Funds didn't arrive in time before exam

Insurer wouldn't send money

I was not aware they would pay for it

No money for gas

Maintenance time involved

gas money

Yes. I was not working and what was finally sent did not even begin to cover the cost for me. I could have caught a flight min from my home. It must have been cheaper to send me two hours from my home and then argue with them on how much it would cost for me to go.

I had to borrow money from a relative

Until friend told her to ask claims examiner about mileage reimbursement

Didn't know I was entitled to money.

Money was really tight

Insurer wouldn't pay

I had to borrow money from a relative

no mileage

didn't submit form

nobody offered travel expenses

Didn't know to submit them

no money

I needed to get reimbursed for the mileage.

At this distance, it would have been better on me to have stayed overnight.

The last was out of pocket expense.

Financially strapped.

Insurance wouldn't send checks for months. Had to borrow money for gas.

Don't know what you mean.

Did not know SAIF would cover that.

It is hard to travel on workers' comp income.

Getting money for gas expenses.

I was not reimbursed for any expenses. Gas is very expensive, especially when you are not working.

No money for gas due to lack of payment.

Not enough money to cover it.

Many - being injured with no income & the increase in gas prices and being uncomfortable during the car ride.

Out of pocket expense for gasoline until reimbursed.

Money for gas.

But, maybe I don't remember if I did or did not. This exam was more than a year ago. Cannot find any statement saying so in my records.

SAIF did not pay for months of my travel.

Had expense of my husband who took off work to take me to Lake Oswego, w/c would not make an appointment in Bend even though they knew I had difficulty traveling. They said, if I did not show up, they would cancel my claim.

Travel expense sheet never sent by SAIF for expenses - paid by myself.

I was not informed about recovering travel expenses.

Just didn't have enough money for fuel & food.

Have always paid my own travel expenses.

Wasn't working, never was reimbursed.

20. Please share any additional comments about your insurer medical examination experience. (all survey answers listed)
This was the worst doctor in the city, I continuously asked for additional test from Dr. XXX and he ignored requests. I contacted SAIF Corporation and they refused to let me seek a different medical doctor. Doctor XXX continuously tried to convince me that I would be okay and refused the MRI's needed or further exams to best evaluate my needs. I never received any adequate treatment from Dr. XXX nor even a set of crutches that were recommended. I obtained private insurance out of pocket and sought real treatment from a real doctor who verified I needed immediate MRI and at the very least an orthoscopy followed by corrective surgery which all of the above shortly followed. I have lost 18 months of my life due to this injury and I have no answers from SAIF or the Workmen's Comp board as to how to get my health properly recovered and or Job retraining. SAIF Corporation has never offered up any additional information such as expenses incurred nor Job re-training and has failed to reimburse my private doctor and my expenses incurred for the last 18 months.

I need additional medical treatment at this time and have no insurance or income due to my injury. I was shuffled through the system and dumped by the side of the road. I've lost my truck, my business license and cannot get medical because I have no one in my corner willing to fight for me to get me back to work and be productive. I have been wronged and I need legal advice at a minimum.

He listened, but I felt he did not address some of my concerns with work and how the physical disability could (and did) interrupt my duties at school. I left feeling he listened respectfully because that was his job. After this exam I met with Dr. XXX (my personal doctor). Dr. XXX explained to me the different pains I was experiencing; some of what the Drs. insurer medical examination report; my rights in closures and if the case had to be reopened. I feel the final settlement was not concurrent with the disabilities that I still experience in my daily routines both at home at work. I was told that it was decided by looking at a chart.

He does not believe I'm experiencing as much pain as I said I am. which makes me very worried because I'm still experiencing pain

Call XXX attorney if needed he is willing to speak to governor 503-XXX-XXXX
1st XXX 8/27/02 this guy dozed off! While my husband witnessed it
2nd XXX 5/22/03 4 hour test - didn't say I could stop I was miserable - sat on floor to finish
3rd XXX MD 5/28/03 (very disrespectful and unprofessional
4th XXX 11/17/03 I have some real issues here need more time to explain. My attorney will gladly talk to the Governor with me. I need help, the IMEs just have sent me away. I have MD reports to justify.

The IME process is skewed to the desired result of the Insurance Company. After all the IME would not be rehired if he wrote a report causing the insurance company to continue to pay for the accepted injury. All 4 IME's that I have had "determined" that my remaining problems did not result from the 1987 injury! All have been overturned at Hearing by Administrative Judge. Even though they have been ordered to continue acceptance and payment for treatment. Whenever a new claims examiner takes over I get another IME. The claim is rejected and off we go to hearing again. This process is wrong and does not meet the necessity of insurance once permanent partial disability is granted the process of IME should be disallowed.

I felt like they did not believe what I was telling them about my rt. wrist and rt. thumb. All the overtime and regular hours that was spent on a computer that the keyboard was up on the other side of computer

I was pleased with how everything was going until SAIF Corp made me go to Dr. XXX here in Hermiston He's a quack and doesn't know what he's talking about. I went to my regular Dr. (Dr XXX) who had me go to Dr. XXX who does test for Carpal tunnel. Then Dr XXX made me an appointment with Dr. XXX who has an impeccable reputation and did a great job. Where as Dr. XXX took one look at my hands and said I never even had carpal tunnel. Other than that I was thrilled to have the feeling back in my hands and the awful pain that went clear up to my shoulder gone.

I was very dissatisfied because I feel the doctor was not listening to my explanation of the pain I am in. It's a shame that me being a US citizen live in a country where I was treated worse that a dog is treated.

The doctor I saw did nothing more than look at the way I was standing and had me move from side to side to see how far I could bend. He didn't really talk to me or explain what was wrong, nor did he listen to what I had to say. I'm still having problems due to finding out that I have a twisted pelvic from the fall and have yet been taken care of, nor can I find a job that I can do with out hurting. Thank You

The doctor would yell at me. The case manager of NW Liberty would do the same and she told me to fire my lawyer in 2001 because all he wanted was the money. I have had a very bad experience with the pain and mental abuse that I got from the Liberty NW doctor. My sister-in-law went with me in 2003 and she heard him talk or yell at me. To this day now I am afraid of Doctors. It was a nightmare in my life. From being injured at a job and going to the doctor in Portland and not getting any help - Something should of been done to my back in 2001 nerve pain goes down my right foot. I do believe when I worked at the Elks I had drop foot because I tripped with that foot trying to work it has become that I am unable to work because of my injury. I am in chronic-pain I do not wish anyone to get injured.

Doctor needs to get more history from patients

A person working has no choice, it's mandatory tax is removed from their paycheck for WC. Then when an injury takes place, they can't collect it, as was in my case. The States Board of "doctors" stated the normal length of time off exceeded it's time. They did not, take into consideration me age (60 at that time) and other health issues. I wasn't even examined by one of your doctors with the reason "this facility wasn't set up for my kind of examination" and all this should have been prepared in advance. Just looking at the scars from previous incisions and stating "boy that little tummy of yours sure has been whacked on a lot"..... this in itself I did not feel was very professional. Needless to say, I'm extremely disappointed in everything about workers compensation, their case workers I do not feel follow through with necessary matters to assure the worker receives the proper exam at the location. They should question whether this location will accommodate the necessary procedure or arrange for another facility where the workers would get the proper exam, nor are the doctors very professional themselves. No, I do not have any faith in the WC system feeling a lot of their lack in caring had a great impact with the decision also.

I'm still going through back pains daily and it makes my job difficult to do, I think I need to see the doctor, but not sure I get the claim open again, I would sure like to see him soon!!!
Thank You XXX

He did not seem to test for my symptoms mainly did not test for carpal tunnel a very short exam approx. - 8-12 minutes INS should have to use a Dr in the city nearest to the claimant. People in pain shouldn't have to drive so far for a basic exam with only an opinion to show. INS should be required to send copy of report to claimant! If report has misinformation, corrections can be made.

I was very dissatisfied with the exam and the doctor’s report. Dr Bardana works for SAIF. He did not care that I was severely anemic and had been exposed to mold over a long period of time. He was to check my respiratory functions and only that. He wasn't too concerned about any of my symptoms. He did his report for SAIF and he concluded that my respiratory functions were normal. That was as far as it went. SAIF denied my claim based on his report. I was told by a lawyer that if I lived in any other state than Oregon my claim would have been more thoroughly investigated.

Arrived on time for the appointment waited outside a door with no chairs, the secretary never came out, waited over one hour before seeing a doctor. Was ready to leave and someone came out and identified themselve as the nurse. Poorly planned office!

I was not shown a copy of the IME - but was told the Dr who did the exam commented something about my back pain being from me being "obese". I was not obese then, nor have I ever been and I was still am extremely offended by this. I have had ongoing back problems from my work injury and have been told by Dr XXX my WC doctor that there is nothing he can do for me that it will just take a lot of time to heal. He will no longer give me medication to subdue my pain when needed. I feel I am not getting proper medical treatment. If this is something you can help with please let me know Thank You

XXX was either incompetent or told to find no diagnosis. It was an insulting waste of time as was SAIF

Knew one of the doctors, Dr. XXX who has put a cast on my leg after kneecap had been dislocated. None of the three doctors seemed to pay much attention to the pain I was in during the examination. They looked only at how far I could bend and twist, not how much pain it caused. My experience with IME's leaves me with the feeling that they are all insensitive jerks, only there because the workers' comp. insurance is paying them to give a favorable opinion.

Every time I am examined by a SAIF doctor he always finds in favor of SAIF. No matter what my doctor’s findings are I have even had OSHU doctors refute SAIF doctors findings.

Actually there were more injuries involved that were not taken into account or dismissed

Very Rude

I hope SAIF is dissolved

The IME resulted in this work injury to not be covered by SAIF. That was total BS - regardless of a similar problem years earlier, this was a new injury. It was caused by moving stuff into a new cubicle at work. I should have appealed/protested but my doctor and others told me it was useless - and an enormous time-consuming exercise. I was in constant pain, needed treatment w/no delays, and just did not have the time or emotional strength to go through such a bureaucratic waste of time. Way to jam it to someone when they are down. Other comments- This survey is a ridiculous waste of time. This IME was over a year ago and something I've put out of my mind. I don't remember the IME facility or doctors name!

great doctors - nice people. My range of motion in my upper back is significantly less than before my accident but that was not reflected on the form. I can live with the pain I have though as long as I exercise regularly so it’s not such a big deal.

Dr XXX was an older retired gentleman who talked mostly about "growing up" in Seaside OR There was very little discussions about my condition. He was just a "worker comp yes man"! I cancelled the 2nd exam. I did not have time to play the silly game a 2nd time.

Based on the level of documentation involved with my injury I thought the IME very redundant and a waste of time & money

Felt comfortable w/ the doctor - but very uncomfortable w/ claims examiner - felt judged and misunderstood

He was an old snob, just in it for the money.

Dr. XXX was an egotistical know-it-all Jerk who satisfied IME without imparting a single piece of helpful information to me. After a second hospital visit I learned what my condition was and how to treat it. I hope my taxes paid very little for this guy's services.

Not very happy with the fact that the insurance companies seem to be in the back pocket of Doctor

I felt belittled and patronized. The doctor did not listen to me, could not answer the questions that I had about his diagnosis, and seemed to have already diagnosed me before I ever walked in the door. I never once got the impression from him that his opinion would be objective and I did not feel like he gave me any better understanding of my condition. It was very clear to me from the moment that I walked into the room (and gave me a long speech about how he does not work for the insurance company) that he would tell SAIF that my condition was not work related regardless of what he saw in the evaluation. My experience of the IME process was that it was a waste of my time, a waste of SAIF's time, and served only to frustrate me into losing faith in any objectivity in SAIF's process.

All Dr. XXX did was take my weight and told me to lose weight and send me home. He was very rude and very disrespectful. He didn't even care what was wrong with me; Dr. XXX made his report to the State Compensation board stating that I was medically stationary, when I still am not! I still go see my doctor Dr. XXX. He also disagreed with Dr. XXX’s report. That I am not medically stationary. I still am on modified work status at work. Very poor examination done by Dr. XXX

I still have a lot of pain in my foot. I cannot work or stand 10-15 min. I have had my back set back in by a chiropractor several times. He says that there is use putting my back in repair until I get my foot fixed. The limp I have and from the start of the injury has caused my back to continually stay out. I can't walk over a block and need to be fixed so I may someday return to work.

I have dealt cards ("Black Jack") for a Casino for 10years. My thumb on my left hand is really bad from this and they said its not coming from this. They say its arthritis. Well if it is its cause by "?" from use over the last 10 years. That is my feelings. I live with pain everyday Thank You R.L.

There was no x-rays taken or other ways to determine the damage done with the injury. My own doctor fount the real cause of the pain by an MRI

I feel like they waited too long before I was sent to have the IME. I was not happy about the results, but understand their job is to screw the worker.

Never seen report - felt I should have received one. 8-9 minute exam - not much for the time I spent going there. He did not ask me questions Just do this, do this & do this mostly all the things I did for Foot exam (Which Prime evaluation (WMCI) ankle actually) They did not list my Vicodin-ES pills on medication or the fact I took 2 before I got there so I wouldn't hurt from trip and I could do as they asked. (My lawyer XXX, (at the time) said to cooperate as much as possible. by being able to bend and touch my ankle they wrote they doubted the validity of my back claim. Could see nothing wrong - no back MRI of back exam!!! Just their opinion - knowing I had taken pain pills-which was never mentioned at any time of the exam, or in the finding. Oh I went there to be evaluated for right foot. (not back) they did not find my right foot was numb as well as inside the right leg never heard anymore on the closure why not? I was forced to change Drs because of the lies Dr XXX wrote in a letter about me - (provable lies) He made it almost impossible for me to get another Dr cause after they talked to him they had all kinds of excuses why they wouldn't take me. I looked into Dr XXX in Corvallis. I have more complaints about Dr XXX and would like to know who I make these complaints to. One of the biggest - He asked for palliative care knowing I was not working and could not work, Memorial weekend 03 there's even a statement I found in my file saying I had not worked since memorial weekend because I had hurt myself on the job injury. Liberty NW says the only words they will accept is "steadily worsening condition. Dr. XXX is stubborn enough - He won't say that even though he has been treating me since April 03 & Dr XXX before that. I feel I should have received comp. and feel I was cheated. I also feel if Dr. XXX hadn't given me pain pills to work with I would not be as bad off as I am. He should have sent me to a back Dr. when he couldn't help me. I would like answers to above if you will send to XXX

I had x-rays that Dr XXX from St Vincent's Hospital had taken but Dr XXX did not want to see them. He also claimed in his report that he had done a stress test; but he did not do any such thing on my injured hand.

The doctors that the Insurance send me to have the evaluation said and indicate on the report that the pain that I am suffering was not related to the accident. I felt that the Doctors did not truly indicate the pain and how serious my injuries are. I truly believe that SAIF chooses their own doctor to avoid pay for medical treatment that people need to recover from their injuries.
I felt that even though my injury was not disabling. I was in pain and even thought it may or may not been work related. I was treated like a criminal to want to seek medical attention. To which I still have numbness in my left two fingers, that no one took serious.

I was sent home with the use of a walker. I got treatment on my own. I was treated as if I did not matter. My claim was closed without ever seeing an IME. I had no money coming in and had to continue my treatment the best way I could. I was left hung out to dry; to cope the best I could on my own. Liberty NW treated me horribly.

I had just had neck surgery 3 days prior to my exam. I asked to have the appointment rescheduled but was refused. It was very painful sitting for hours getting to and from this appointment. I lived 45 miles away. The doctor didn't have all my records and made his report inaccurately. He could not do any physical exam as I could not move my neck, so how could he examine my neck. Because of his report I have been denied my claim have lost my job and I am now disabled without any way to help me recover. Soon I lose my home. I have an appeal, waiting for decision. In the meanwhile I lose everything because of a doctor who gave his opinion based on half-truth. How can a doctor whom sees a patient for 10 mins, know more than a person regular physician, a person has seen for years? My surgeon refused to do surgery on me 6 months prior to my accident. This same surgeon 6 months later said due to the accident I now needed surgery. Yet I am denied coverage cause it was only a strain. Surgery proved a ruptures disc.

My pain usually followed movement or lifting - by about 12-24 hours - and was aggravated by my work - I have since had to stop working because the pain was interfering with my ability to work

I told the examiner that I felt like I had been beat-up she said "good" that shows I was doing my job I found out from a letter from my lawyer she thought I could have faked some of my discomfort

He was impolite and unconcerned about the level of pain in my back while checking my knee injury.

I was put through a lot by the Jerks I did everything SAIF said I felt they treated me like shit, they sent me to so many doctors, and finally found one that would side with them I still am fighting with them (SAIF) It took them 6 mo. to let my Dr fix my neck - closed my claim twice Because they are so stupid, they can't read a Dr report. Plus the Dr told them to leave the claim open, and still haven't had surgery. They don't give a shit about the worker

I felt that he was working for Company not how I was doing. He felt that Company was only 80% in fault with my back I had no problems until this injury. I was able to return to work but I am not sure for how long. Thank You XXX

I know my injury is clearly work related. This doctor construed the facts and information I gave him at the evaluation. The report to SAIF stated I had a degenerative condition of the neck common in a very small percent of the population. I do not have this condition - yet my claim was denied.

I feel the Doctors knew nothing about my injury and to sit there and make a diagnosis that it was not job related and I lost my claim when all I do is look was wrong. He had my medical records in front of him and he asked me what my foot had to do with my hand and I said absolutely nothing he just sits and looks at me. Just because in a previous exam my own doctor I had a question about my foot. Why would the state doctor put my hand with my foot! So all in all by loosing this claim I feel the doctor was wrong when my own doctor and my surgeon both knew it was job related. All I do is cook when I'm cooking and lifting and do what I do in my job it wasn't an issue when it became an issue I was at my job, so how does he claim it wasn't job related. My previous surgeries were successful and were not the reason carpal tunnel came back. And because of the time limit and loosing my claim, I lost a whole summer for working by the time I got my surgery done and healed

Dr XXX was the 4th doctor (with hand specialist) I had seen the 1st said "its nothing". The 2nd Dr XXX he was my surgeon called "if I minded seeing a 2nd opinion (DR XXX). " He gave me a sign of "nothing else we can do". Then I had my IME with Dr XXX. He said "you have seen Dr XXX and XXX, why do you need to see me". I thought it was kind of odd but he did a very thorough job Thanks XXX

The exam is a joke! Poorly performed you can feel the outcome before the start, your going to be told it pre existing or not as bad as your doctors that have seen you said it is, who are experts in their field! I feel the doctors for SAIF are old and are looking for a check and agreeing with the patient is not going to get you a check because SAIF doesn't want to help the worker!! They want to ruin your life and I'm dead serious!!! All that matters is $$$$ you're just a number!!

It was a big pain, the SAIF Corporation was rude, and I didn't like the lady I had to deal with for my claim. Also the hospital and two doctors I seen in town were not accurate on their reporting which caused difficulties with the claim.

I liked Dr. XXX very much. He was very knowledgeable and kind and was concerned about causing me pain.

They were both very uncaring doctors. The last one did not spend much time on the hands ask things that had nothing to do with my hands.

I have seen 3 IMEs over the years in each case the doctors were thorough, fair and unbiased in their evaluation. Thank You

To my knowledge the examination was not complete. I never had a nerve conduction test, to help determine if I had carpal tunnel.

I feel like he doesn't really know how my condition really is but no one does but me.

I felt the Dr had her mind made up after she took one look at me. The answers to her questions were just going through the motions. I was very surprised to have them tell me 12 hours on your feet on a FAB floor was not related to a tendonitis problem.

First the office room was like a cold garage or cell with a table in it - Very unprofessional. Second, I know I needed a facet block and after he refused I was able to get one by my doctor and it worked beautifully - I am a RN with 30 years of hospital experience in all areas. Believe me, this was just a set up and was obvious from the beginning that SAIF was not going to do what 2 qualified practicing doctors in this field of expertise said I needed done. Even my MRI suggested it. It was quite obvious. Why would they take an opinion of a doctor that only does physicals for SAIF - Doesn't take a moron do figure this out!

Would like a copy of examining doctor’s report.

Comment : I was in fear that if I didn't make this appointment I would be stuck with all the bills and nothing being solved from my injury's, SAIF informed me if I didn't do this office call they would deny my claim and I would have to pay the bills. I went and they closed my case. I feel nothing was resolved.

XXX deliberately lied and I said so. He stated things about me he couldn't have possibly have known. Both my wife and myself could prove that.

A psychological IME was requested by Liberty Mutual, which I found to be interesting but unusual and almost harassing on the Insurance Co's part. The people at Liberty NW are all about money and were very stressing to deal with for all people concerned w/ this case XXX

The Doctors did not really do much of an examination. Mostly it was just asking me a lot of questions about my physical therapist and Dr XXX. What are they doing about this and questions like that. It was more like they were detectives not doctors concerned for an injured person. They were very rude, and disrespectful. It's like they were on payroll strictly for SAIF to discredit you and people taking care of you. Thank God my Doctor and therapist are honest. When my Doctor saw there report and saw they were with WMCI he was upset. Because he did exams for WMCI and they had ask him to not look at one medical problem of a patient just another, they both related so he refused and after he saw this report on me he told me he was going to no longer work with them. SAIF has caused me lots of problems. Financially almost put me and my family on the streets. They do this to hundreds of people every year. They seem to have no concerns for you and your injury. Health in industries did a evaluation on me they wanted me to do things that I could no way possibly do everything that Dr XXX said I was not allowed to do I was in massive pain and could not do some of the things and the lady XXX acted like she did not understand. Unbelievable!

Can’t remember too long ago

Twice I tried to explain something to the Dr and was interrupted with "we'll get to that later" of course we never did. I didn't feel that questions like "Are you married?" - "Does your husband work?" had anything at all to with my case. Dr XX commented to Dr. XXX "This is the best one yet this year" What did that mean? He also commented during the exam "I can't help but feel this is normal for her. I wasn't there long before I realized that is was strictly routine" No one really cared. My first IME was 100 miles away (Eugene) Dr XXX was a very nice man, however he felt no further treatment was necessary. That was before MRI or findings of my pelvis and ribs or my are problem (pinched nerve). He was wrong. In the beginning Dr. XXX (XXX) commented "your neck will remain irritated as long as you are doing what you are doing. I feel that no one has really understood what I have felt.

I felt that my wrist pain was not accurately measured. I was tested for strength and mobility but not under any normal use. (as lifting or carrying any weight or twisting while carrying weight.

I do not see how a person can look at someone else and ask questions and do a few ups and downs and then say there is nothing wrong with you

XXX not listen to problems did what she was to do for state comp

They didn't measure loss of range of motion. Very rude people!! When I got the report back from the IME they said they did not get MRI scans. They said their was "nothing wrong" and I was lying about this for secondary gain and then they talked about the MRI scans which they said they did not have, said they could not identify anything in the MRI to show any damage. I have seen the MRI scans and there is a 1/4" bulge "?" from C5-C6 disk even I could see the problem. These people are cruel and did not care if they hurt me. One of the doctors grabbed my head with force, and shoved my head back and to the right pinching the nerve and really hurting me. In my opinion these people are paid for their opinion always against the worker they didn't care about me they just wanted to be paid for they're opinion. I have has at least 5 IME exams on this and other injuries and all the reports basically against the worker

I was struck in the back by a log, knocking me over ten feet toward a piece of logging equipment. I ended up with a diagnosed concussion. My head struck the log loader with enough force to break my hard hat, knocking me unconscious. I did not know at the time of exam, my neck had not been x-rayed. It was not even part of the exam, I found out years later, when I returned to my personal doctor with increased neck pain, that had been an ongoing problem since the accident. I ended up having surgery on c-5, c-6 and c-7 to relieve the pain I had been living with since the accident.

Never saw a report This process (IME's) the lack of any disclosure, knowledge or explanations lead me to search out an attorney I have spoken to the Insurance Co Adjuster twice on over 1 year. There has been no explanations, nothing about expense reimbursements. When I was told by the Insurance adjuster that I was experiencing no pain and I was back to levels prior to my accident, I hire an attorney /Robert Donovan/ address on form

Dr XXX spent less than 10 minutes on my examination
Dr XXX took other patient phone calls while I was in his office at his request
Dr XXX made me feel like I inconvenienced him from his regular practice
Re-read my answers to question 15a,b,c,d.

I feel SAIF very very unfair. My private insurance had to pay for my hand there was injured when I fall with my shoulder - Also that it took so long before having surgery on the shoulder - I have gone through many pain and sleepless night because of that
About the doctor in Salem - He was the worst unclean doctor and so rude right from the beginning and should be fired. I wish and told XXX I should have taking a lawyer from start - but that's what you get for being a honest person- This have been one year full of pain and my family and friends do not believe SAIF help people. They treat you terrible. I have aged 10 years

have pain in shoulder blade this was never addressed

Have done this for almost 30 years they said that it was not caused from work and denied my claim. As for IME I am concerned it was all a big joke why have it if they really don't care

I felt the doctor did not listen to my concerns. He was only concerned about things Liberty NW wanted. He did not consider the decreased manual dexterity this injury has caused.

The last IME recommended diagnostic surgery, which the prior 2 didn't. The last IME was much more respectful of my injury and believed me; the 1st and 2nd acted like I was wasting their time/lying about my injury which after surgery was proven to be a tear inside my shoulder. The 1st and 2nd IME Dr.'s were orthopedics - XXX MD and XXX MD, and I still feel they were incompetent to do a proper exam to determine injury, and were saying any what the insurance company wanted to hear - in addition - many things in there reports were incorrect- almost as if they had examined someone other than myself. Dr.'s XXX & XXX were much better in their report, examination and discussion with me, which after having such bad experience with the 2 IME's, was a relief - someone actually believed I was injured, and this was proven after surgery was done, and most importantly, allowed me to get the surgical repair my shoulder required.

This IME was an unjust process. For a person (claim) regarding stress, the system is designed or failure. My experience was overall negative. The report provided to the insurer was just what they ordered and paid for. My health or honest situation was not the issue addressed. Very dishonest system.

The Dr lied to my face telling me one thing and saying on the report another. Flat lied to me.

Even do that Dr. XXX stated that I had previous injuries to my back does not change the fact that I had work for a 1 1/2 years without problems. I had two Dr. releases stating that I was fit for work. With (No) restriction and I did my job with no side affect from my previous injuries. I have been disabled now for 17 months and I still can't go back to work due to what happen to me on April 21, 2003.

I don't feel that Dr. XXX, M.D., was without preconceived beliefs during my examination. My honest opinion of him and his examination method is nothing but "very dissatisfied." I find many of his implied finding and chosen words to be personally degrading. They were not "in harmony" with our discussion at the exam. Where do injured workers without money reside except with family and loved ones? All injured workers, including myself, deserve to be given an honest opportunity to be heated with dignity. I've been a hardworking employee for myself and others for years. Even with my education I know that the "average" truck driver doesn't work 8 hrs a day. I'm not looking for a free meal or handouts. But I would like to see and experience for myself justice within the system that is set up to protect injured workers. My personal belief is that this examination was too greatly influenced by SAIF and Dr. XXX's personal belief system or lack of it. I can only state, that for myself, I believe there are claims that should be reopen and investigated more thoroughly. I'll continue to pursue all avenues to receive the justice I deserve. I'll be contacting my Senators, Congressmen, more, and different legal assistance. Thank you for this overdue opportunity to be heard in my own behalf.

I saw a group in Portland or 200 miles from me and they were not nice at all. Can't recall the Dr.'s name. I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone.

You cannot tell by a 20 min. visit the problems and pain that a person has in their daily life just trying to do simple things.

My doctors agree my condition is work related. I feel there are more options than what I was presented with at the time of my exam. Through my own research I have discovered several procedures that will fix the problem and still allow me to do my job.

They only put me down as partially disabled. The fact I have no strength in my left hand. No they did not mention "travel expenses" but I asked them about them paying me, reimbursing me they "Rainier" said they would, never have yet been reimbursed.

The doctor was more interested in joking around than in evaluating me. The few things he did do were painful and in my opinion did not tell him anything about my condition. I don't feel he had any real interest in truly evaluating me.

I was set up an appointment by SAIF. The original appt. was in Portland. I was then sent to Pendleton instead. I asked the receptionist if they receive my MRI results and she said they had the x-rays would be enough. The MRI showed 2 herniated discs the e-rays didn't show to what extent. I was told by SAIF that the Dr. conduced it was arthritis and that I didn't even do it at work. This was not true. The Dr. never spoke clear. I made very slow movements to protect my back and I feel he assumed I was doing better than I was. My case was closed on his findings but my right hip and leg still goes numb. I am very unhappy with the results of his exam.

Dr were very disrespectful, rude, not thorough in the exam as my surgeon was. These Dr.'s need to be told that we are humans with feelings. Not everyone there is out to screw the system - some of us are truly hurt and not repairable. It's not just our bodies but our emotions that are hurt as well.

I feel the decision about my injury has already been made and I also was told there was no way to measure my pain. So I still have back pain caused on the job but no concern for proper healing.

The doctor was very professional and explained every detail very good.

I was treated unfairly. He seemed to think he knew more about me than I did.

I have diabetes, and I feel that they contribute much of my pain to my diabetes.

I was rushed through the exam as if they didn't really have time or want me there, it seemed they didn't care about my condition or pain, they seemed like it was something they just had to do because they were picked and the insured paid them so it was over quick and the insured got what they wanted and paid for, not an accurate account of my pain and discomfort, that continues to be very strong to this date and the insurer has turned their back on me. I really wonder if this information is going to be read and my voice be heard about the mishandling of my case and the leaving people to deal with injuries that the insurer could have helped with, but it would have cost them a little money to save me a life of pain and discomfort. The insurer (SAIF) is or was in my case more worried about their bonuses and vacations than the injured worker. The injured worker is just a number on a piece of paper and not really a person. Like I said earlier in this letter, I am sure this won't be heard or make any differences at all.

I expressed concern about my knee (left) since I've had problems only after the broken T.B.A/F.B.A. I still have problems and that problem was never addressed as far as I know.

The majority of testing was done with someone other than Dr. XXX. I find it difficult to understand how he can evaluate when he didn't perform the testing. His attitude and condescending comments toward my personal physicians were very unethical. His testing, evaluation and professionalism appeared substandard, as compared to the evaluation I had with a neuropsychologist in Dallas, TX. I wish I could put into words the sadness and disappointment that I've felt through the workman's compensation process. I've lived my life trying to be honest, caring, and supportive of others. Working in the health care profession for almost 30 years became more than a job to me. Second to my family it was my passion. Caring for people and knowing that I helped them and possibly made a difference in their lives gave me tremendous satisfaction. My values and standards for myself were set quite high. The patient’s well being was considered first priority, not only by myself but co-workers as well. With this in mind, after my workman's compensation claim was filed, I thought that I was being sent to physicians that would help me, not hinder me. I feel that my diagnosis was made and claim rejected before these 3 physicians ever met or evaluated me. The honesty, quality, and integrity of the 3 physicians that was sent to could certainly be in question. At what point in a physician’s career would they choose not to uphold the Hippocratic oath? Is it the money, the power, or a combination of both? It saddens me to know that they have, and continue to profit from peoples' sufferings. It should be a crime, but on the contrary appears to be encouraged. This is dishonest and should make Oregon officials hold someone accountable. My workman's compensation claim was initially denied due to the medical report of Dr. XXX. My appointment with Dr. XXX was primarily discussing my past history, birth to present time. Very little time was used for discussing the chemical exposure and its ill effects, as compared to the rest of the patient's history. Approximately 5 minutes was allowed for a physical examination. Following the Dr.'s appointment, I was sent to OHSU for lab and lung tests. This 2-hour interview entitled him to deny my claim. Upon reading his finished medical report, it was determined that many of the vital statistics were incorrect, such as Blood Pressure, weight etc. It made me question if maybe my records were confused with someone else. He didn't request or review medical records from on set of symptoms that started in 1995. He only requested the most recent. He lacked the bulk of pertinent information needed for a diagnosis. I spent the following year appealing the denial, with the help of an attorney. I was denied an income and medical care for this amount of time. It was physically, emotionally, and financially devastating. My strong faith and family support was helped keep me intact. In conclusion, what should matter is, I worked faithfully at the same facility for 25 years. I was chronically exposed to a dangerous chemical and became sick at my workplace. My career as a health care provider, or any profession outside of my home has ended. I suffer with the effects and damage of this exposure daily. It is a condition that I will live with the rest of my life. I can't begin to explain to you the misery that this has caused me over the past 9 years. Please don't let people continue to be scrutinized and belittled because of injuries that were no fault of their own. I speak for myself when I say, but sure others agree, that I would much rather be healthy and back at the job I was trained to do and love. Will the State of Oregon protect their own and look into the phrase, "Hired Guns"? This is certainly fits the description of Drs. XXX, XXX, and XXX, the 3 independent medical examiners that I was asked to be evaluated by. Thank you, XXX

The doctor was at a disadvantage because he was given incorrect information regarding the need for the visit. The info claimed a "new condition" which I had never reported or claimed to have; therefore, neither the doctor nor myself knew why I was sent for the exam. A total waste of time and money!

15 C. Dr. could have a little more medical history of my injury of 1971.
15 D. My medical condition has worsened since the examination.
# 6. The 130 miles one way was very courteous & polite, but I feel they could have a better understanding of my medical history & how these medical problems started. Thank you.

He was very thorough with the exam. He listened to what I said and answered all my questions. I had to travel a long ways but I was satisfied with the exam.

My claim in the first quarter of 2001 regarding my carpal tunnel & tendonitis (reaggravation) was wrongly denied by Kaiser. The Dr. in this case was XXX. I was informed by my lawyer to get a second opinion & referred to a Providence Dr. (XXX) carpal tunnel was diagnosed in my right and left hand. Dr. XXX presented surgery be performed in both right and left hands but was denied me by Liberty Northwest Insurance. I was referred to a specialist by Liberty Northwest who dropped the ball by inferring that he did not have adequate x-rays & documentation for this claim. Liberty Northwest denied my claim stating that my reaggravation period had expired. But in all actually my claim had not expired. The Workman's Compensation Board had denied my claim when the State of Oregon had accepted it. This is all in or on file & also I have proof in my possession of this statement. Please reply in regards to this claim. Thank you greatly.

The IME at Dr. XXX' office in Eugene was a complete waste of time. I felt he really didn't care about me, my injury, or the pain I had. On my second IME, he pretty much yanked my knee around and said I was just as bad, if not worse, and then sent me on my way. I was very surprised that he then said I was medically stationary. His actions made me feel like he thought that I was lying about the pain and problems I had with my knee injury.

This is important information and probably more information than you want, but I feel you should know: While I was working during this injury (4 hours a day), I was seeing Dr. XXX. He is the doctor that SAIF said that I had to go to. Dr. XXX was a waste of my time and SAIF's money. The only thing he did for the good was to make sure I had enough Ibuprofen to keep the swelling and pain manageable. He always made me feel that I was trying to milk the system and that my injury was no big deal. Whenever I asked about treatments that I had heard about or friends had told me about, he would flat out refuse to even discuss any of these opinions. He never believed that my injury was bad enough to warrant any further treatment.

I constantly tried to get referrals to other doctors for second opinions. No orthopedic in Salem would see me because I had seen Dr. XXX and he said there was nothing that he could do. My family doctor, Dr. XXX, was the only doctor that saw my injury as real. She even tried to get me into a doctor in the Portland area.

I was informed that SAIF was closing my claim. Since my injury was still causing pain and I was unable to have a normal life, I filed the paper work to appeal this closure decision. Workers' Comp then scheduled a Medical Arbiter Examination for me with Dr. XXX. Dr. XXX should never be allowed to perform these examinations again. He did not listen to me when I told him about my injury or the pain I was having. One example of this exam with Dr. XXX is that he asked me to squat down as far as I could. I was able to squat down only a few inches because of the pain. When I was informed of his findings by Dr. XXX, Dr. XXX said I had "refused" to squat down. I never refused to try anything during this Medical Arbiter Examination. When I was unable to perform movements that were requested of me, it was interpreted as refusing to do the movement. Dr. XXX was even talking to the nurse as I was explaining the trouble I was having with my knee. The entire process took only a few minutes. There was no thorough examination by Dr. XXX and I left feeling like it was a major inconvenience for me to have bothered him.

Workers' Comp then closed my claim because of this examination by Dr. XXX.

Where am I today?
On March 10, 2004, I called OHSU Orthopedics Dept. On March 15th, 2004, I had an appointment with Dr. XXX at OHSU. On March 17th, 2004, I was put on the schedule for surgery by Dr. XXX. On March 19th, 2004, I had surgery on my knee. I was able to walk without pain as soon as I was awake enough from the surgery. I have not had any pain since this surgery. In fact, it feels like I never injured by knee in the first place.

I spent twenty-one months trying to have my work-related injury cared for under the incompetence of SAIF, Dr. XXX, and Dr. XXX, and Dr. XXX.

I spent ten days from the first phone call to having the surgery, total relief at OHSU, to find pain relief, and a normal life again.

How much money could SAIF have saved by taking care of my injury and not giving me the run around with doctors that really don't care because SAIF will pay them no matter what they do for the injured workers in Oregon?

You don't even want to get me started on the harassment from my employer because I was unable to do my job full time...

Please feel free to use my name, address, and other information if it will help in this inquiry.

Examination was limited to lumbar strain. The MRI's taken after the accident and numerous treatments clearly showed that 2 discs were pouched and one was torn. The Dr.'s manner was good; but he told me that he was to examine me for a lumbar strain and I could only talk to him about the lumbar strain. He could not acknowledge that my discs were permanently damaged. My condition had never been corrected by Dr. XXX to upgrade the injury, from the information I have heard from other patients & hospital workers, working with Dr. XXX, he will do what the insurance companies require so they will pay him. Apparently, that is the case with numerous Drs. The insurance company dictates to the Dr. what they will pay for. The insurance company doesn't want to pay out a lot of money for a serious injury.
The discs that were damaged have been passed off by the insurance company Dr.'s degenerative disc disease. My discs may have been aging; but I did not have back problems that I can't lift heavy items or bend over for a couple of minutes until after the accident. The injury was on the job and should be covered by w/c.
If you need more information or would like access to my MRI's or medical records, I will be glad to release them to you.

To whom it may concern,
Thank you for letting me respond to your survey concerning SAIF and their so-called Drs
I have learned that SAIF is not for the employee but all for the employer.
I have been exposed to asbestos by the same employer, Medford Lanes 12 years ago and from April through August of 2002. The whole time we remodeled in 2002, I was sick while working and still sick afterwards. My step son was sick too. My stepson went to the doctor in November of 2002. The doctor said his lungs sounded terrible for young kid at his age. He asked him if he had worked in construction work or painting lately. My wife was present at the time and told him about Medford Lanes. The doctor wanted test done for exposure to construction dust and asbestos. My wife told him about me; and the doctor said that I definitely needed to be checked out for asbestos exposure. At that time, I had no insurance and could not afford to go to the doctor. So I called OSHA. They told me to file a claim against Medford Lanes at SAIF; and I did.
I went to Providence Health Center and was seen by Dr. XXX. He gave me an exam and said my lungs sounded terrible. He gave me prescriptions for my lungs. He was very, very concerned about all cement dust, asbestos I was exposed to at Medford Lanes, and all the other dust from the total demolition of Medford Lanes during those 4 months with no permits, no masks, or protective gear.
He set up an appointment to see a lung specialist in Portland - his name is Dr. XXX. At the same time, SAIF set up an appointment to see their so-called specialist in Washington, Dr. XXX. Dr. XXX wanted me to have a lung biopsy done for asbestos and other materials I breathed in because the building was built in 1959 and I was exposed to so much asbestos and dust.
I had to see Dr. XXX in Portland. If I didn't go to him, my claim would be affected. He was supposed to do breathing test and a lung biopsy. I called my SAIF representative up because I couldn't afford to go up to Portland at that time. He said there was nothing he could do for funds but I had to make that appointment. So, I did.
When I saw Dr. XXX, he said that he agreed with Dr. XXX that I HAD ACUTE INDUSTRIAL BRONCHITUS and should be checked for ASBESTOS EXPOSURE.
So, then I had to go 35 miles past Seattle, Washington to see SAIF's so-called specialist, Dr. XXX. I called my case worker three days before I had to go up to Everett, Washington because he had not sent me my motel, mileage, or food expenses yet. I had to argue with him on the phone because he only wanted to send me a check to pay for 1 day of lodging, food, and mileage so I could make his appointment. I asked him what kind of tests Dr. XXX was going to perform. He said breathing tests and a lung biopsy.
So I went to see the so-called Dr. XXX. He wanted me to fill out a 4-page questionnaire about my past: things like - how many illegal drugs have you done in the past, have you ever been in a prison, and blah-blah-blah. What the hell does that have to do with asbestos exposure? All his 4-page questionnaire was to make me look bad to SAIF, my doctors, and Workers' Compensation Board.
Afterward, his nurse started giving me breathing tests; however, the machine wouldn't work. So-called Dr. XXX came in. Between both of them (the nurse and the doctor), it took 15 minutes to get it working. After the breathing test, Dr. XXX came in to read the results. I asked him when I was going to have the lung biopsy test. He said that I DID NOT NEED ONE BECAUSE I HAD SMOKED CIGARRETTS FOR SO MANY YEARS.
He then proceeded giving me a blood test for nicotine and didn't even use SAFETY GLOVES. WHAT A JOKE FOR a doctor. He then sent me to another clinic for chest x-rays. When I came back with the x-rays, he looked at them and said that they were fine. He blamed everything on my past and smoking. So I went all the way up there for nothing.
I know why SAIF and this so-called Dr. XXX tried to make me look bad. Because whole time we remodeled Medford Lanes, it was open to the public, which means little kids, seniors, and the public was breathing asbestos, cement, and sheet rock dust the whole time. At one time, the Jr. Adult league walked off and wouldn't finish their last night of league. I was exposed to this everyday for 4 months.
As a result of this, no biopsy test was done by SAIF, Dr. XXX and Dr. XXX told my attorney that they would not show up at my workers' compensation case and tried to fight SAIF and Dr. XXX with no proof.
My attorney asked me if I could take the test by myself because XXX, the owner of Medford Lanes admitted to OSHA that he screwed up and lied in his report to OSHA. I told my attorney that I couldn't afford the test. So I never got my test and lost my claim. Now everyone is sending me medical bills and attorney bills.
So I am BITTER towards SAIF and their so-called doctors: YOU BET YOUR ASS, I AM. THE SYSTEM SUCKS. By law, I am supposed to be checked out for asbestos when exposed to it but not to accumulate a bunch of DEBT. And what about all those LITTLE KIDS, SENIORS, AND THE PUBLIC who were EXPOSED?
Who is going to pay for their medical costs and anything else if they were to get asbestos cancer 20 or 30 years down the road? Doesn't SAIF stand for STATE ACCIDENT INDUSTRICAL FUND? And think that I have been diagnosed with ACUTE INDUSTRIAL BRONCHITUS AND POSSIBLE ASBESTOSIS.
SAIF, LABOR BOARD, OSHA, & DEQ work for the employer but not for the employee. HELL, XXX has never ever been fined. And now he is doing it again. He is leasing his building out right now to kids unlimitedly and has young kids remodeling with no protective gears or masks or even without knowing about the ASBESTOS that is all around them.
I am sending along OSHA's papers on XXX' lies. P.S. My wife just got the phone call from XXX, OSHA because she complained about the work being done over there. We have called them for last month. My wife called them up and told them that I was writing a letter to the GOVERNOR. After that, XXX from OSHA called and said that he went Medford Lanes, talked with them, and inspected Medford Lanes. He found special tile, special ceiling tile, and other materials that require special contractors must deal with.
I know what it is; and so do they. I removed 80% OF IT. Maybe now you know how I feel. Can I at least be checked out and to be treated fairly according to LAWS OF OREGON AND HAVE SOME KIND OF JUSTICE PLEASE? Thank you.
P.S. We heard from the lady who is running the rebuilding that they have to send a XXX's crew in. I really feel that XXX and SAIF should get it me checked out.

I never saw a copy of my report and just felt like I was "just another claim." The IME was not in my best interest but in the best interest of SAIF. The outcome of my claim was based on a poor examination.

This so-called doctor was very inaccurate and his results (report) was ridiculous. He jumped to the conclusions that were not real or correct and could not copy names accurately.

You know what? I just realized the IME I had last was not through SAIF and so this info is incorrect in its way; but the IME I mentioned was not through work-related, but an auto accident.

Throughout Dr. XXX's report, he made false and misleading statements with the ability to twist the facts to fit his opinion. He was arrogant, rude, and unprofessional. I don't wish this Dr.'s slanted opinion to fall on anyone else, but I am sure it will . P.S. I will be happy to show you his report if you would like to see it.

This last Dr. I went to was very nice and made me feel at ease. Other than the ones prior, who were not ones I would ever go to again if I asked. And yes, I did relay to this to my Dr. after about them.

The test I took - I had taken 3 times before. My father had just died and I stated that before my mental evaluation. The forms (4 pages) I had filled previously were ignored. Questions were asked that were very personal.
Exam was exhausting, took all day. I felt that the doctor was condescending. And before I was made to continue by the time I got out of there, it was dark. I got lost coming home and got after effects that lasted several days - headache, migraines, memory loss, etc.

They told me what was wrong with me before the examination, I did not think this was right. Their minds were made up before they even saw me. There is only one person that knows how I felt before the tree fell on top of me and that is me.

Though I did not see a copy of the report, I was informed at a later date by my attorney as to the contents of the report and am satisfied that it accurately represented my condition.


I was sent to OHSU. Over $5,000 was spent and not one penny was used to help me. I had documented 17% damage to my lungs (now at 20%) due to chlorine chemical burns to my lungs, burns and scaring to my ears, burns & an ulcer in my nose and burns to my throat that took 9 weeks to heal. My platelet count has been documented at a decline of 20% and was still falling as of June, 2004. The pulmonary specialist in Bend was experienced in this type of chemical spill and there is a diagnosis on my chart of reaction airway disease.
The OHSU CAT scan showed air trappings but this was ignored. My claim has been denied because the OHSU doctor said that my symptoms are related to my diabetes being out of control and that I had a history of gastroesphogeal reflux. The blood tests from OHSU showed a reading of 5.9. According to the American Diabetes Association this is 2/10ths above normal and I was not taking any medication. I have never been treated or had gastroesphogeal reflux nor was there any testing for this. The OHSU doctor wrote his first report and stated that it was "probable" that I had gastroesphogeal reflux. He then wrote a later letter where he stated "on her history of gastroesphogeal reflux". What I have been through is thoroughly documented into 2 four-inch binders and I can tell you SAIF is totally corrupt and these IME's are nothing but fabricated fraud.

This IME was a joke. The doctor already had his opinion before he ever saw me. He actually told me there was nothing wrong with my ribs. AS it turns out, my 4th rib was completely detached from my sternum, which I found out from a later surgery, WHICH SAIF DECIDED THEY WILL NOT PAY FOR!!!!

Insurance examiner only - no doctor.

The doctor works for WCD or did his examination to benefit you and Tube Specialties, Inc.

The IME want to examine my right shoulder when it was my left shoulder he should be looking at. He questioned me if I was sure.

I was surprised how the IME tests set back my healing process. When I left the office, I felt like, in pain, I was nearly set back several months in healing. The pain level did not leave in a few days, but more than several weeks.

I believe the system needs to be changed. To this last doctor I went to, this is all he does and I felt he wasn't going to say anything to stop his bread and butter. I feel that these IME doctors should not know which insurer they are doing the exams for. The insurers should pay the state and the state set it all up. That way, there is total anonymity. I think this would be more fair and no pressure to keep the business of the insurer.

I didn't feel he listened to me, and I also feel that the exam was not complete.
I have had surgery on my back 6/25/04, had two fusion's done on L4 + 5 + L5 -51 by Dr. XXX in Bend, OR. My back is doing very well. I am not happy with the SAIF Corp, and I am not happy with my employer and the Workers' Compensation judge's decision. But life goes on. Thank God for insurance.

I have pain. Still I had a lot of pain a
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