DCBS: IME Survey - Attending Physician Statements

The modus operandi of these exams is to defeat the claim. Learn how to prepare for one. See evidence of bias and fraud. Read the revealing state-conducted IME study.

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DCBS: IME Survey - Attending Physician Statements

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Attending Physician Statements in DCBS IME Survey

Attending physician survey, question 9. Do you receive complaints from your workers’ compensation patients regarding their IME experience? 9a. If yes, what kind of complaints do you receive? (selected survey answers listed)

too little time doing the exam, rude doctors

bias on examiner

Brevity, coldness

Doctors see them briefly. Don't see how they come up with the conclusion they do

Doctor did not read chart, knew nothing, exam was 5 minutes, doctor had mind made up before seeing patient

Dr who examines them bias predetermined the outcome

IME physicians "hurried", not thorough disinterested, suspicious - and their reports inaccurate

very rough examination, exacerbation of symptoms

rough physical exam

All the time. They don't listen, preconceived ideas; no feedback; rude to patients; feel IME is on the insurer's side; insurer only wants IME so can block any treatment.

Nearly 100% complaints and complete shock/anger when they learn what the IME report said.

They didn't listen to me. They increased my pain

Offensive remarks regarding socio-economic status.

Excessive force during exam

not always impartial acting

Rudeness, confrontational, very rough (including hand slapping recently) etc. 100% of my patients have complaints.

The IME doctor was rude, unprofessional and opinionated.

not letting them know what the IME is for.

That the examiners spent very little time with them but dictated detailed reports, also that the examiners do not listen to the patients and are rude and appear biased to the w/c co.

Often: rudeness, denigration, Dr.'s fall asleep on a panel.

Were hurt during exams

Too brief, too rough, not listening

Antagonist situation, doctor doesn't listen, made person do activities despite severe pain.

1. Symptoms made worse by examination. 2. Patients sometimes feel "badgered" by examiner.

Short evaluation, misquoted, wrong info, unprofessional and rude and nasty doctors.

1. Flippant examiners 2. Examiners who don't review the films available 3. Rude examiners

type of doctor seen (i.e. neurologist for shoulder problem)

Physicians are rude, push them to do tasks that exacerbate their condition. Physician never palpated area in question.

Impersonal, painful, disrespectful, anxiety provoking, limited physical exam, or cursory exam.

Quick exam, no "hands on" exam

Attending physician survey, question 12. Please share any additional comments you have regarding the IME process or IME physicians. (selected survey answers listed)

Some examiners are so blatantly anti-worker it implies there is some concern on their part they wont do as many exams if they don't call things your way (work comp ins bias)

Oregon is the worst state I have practiced in for unfair and biased IME exams (PA, WI, IL)

I have seen IME reports that contain erroneous information. People will say, "I never said that, where did they get that?" When I question the history the IME examiner give. Specifically, one report kept referring to the patient having arthritis (DJD) in his neck and the x-ray in my possession showed none. Su when I asked for the source of that finding (via the insurer) I was ignored and never answered. Yet, they persisted in trying to close his claim because all the pain was "due to arthritis" that didn't exist! I have very little faith in the IME process!

I sent a detailed letter to you regarding my problems with the current system. The system is broken and is a total farce. Workers are treated routinely as malingerer's. How can anyone associated with this farce sleep at night? I would love to talk to someone and share case after case of unfounded denials.

It is a corrupt system designed to do the bidding of the ins. co. You can save alot of money by just copying the phrase "medically stationary and may return to work fully time no restriction" and you pretty much have them covered. SAIF corp. has to be one of the most corrupt org. I have ever dealt with. They basically answer to no one and do whatever they want with patients regardless of need.
An IME "smacks" or conflicts of interest naturally, the insurer would like an examination that favors them financially therefore independence is lost.

May times workers comp will get multiple IMEs from different physicians until they get one that says what they want to hear or believe.

They are usually lousy, that's why they have to do IME's. You should have a higher standard md most are not qualified to do IME's on the cases sent them.

IME physician should be held accountable for their conclusions

IMEs by certain physicians are so predictable in their opinion that they are absolutely useless in helping determine a patient's true status.

Some IME physicians always have the same predictable opinion, i.e. it's not compensable. I know the conclusion by the name of the Dr.

Many of them seem to be determined to find in favor of the insurance companies they work for regardless of the facts.

After 25 years of dealing with system have NO RESPECT for them - "hired guns"

They tend to be biased and prejudicial against the patient. They tend to range outside their area of expertise.
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