Worker-requested medical examinations

They go by different names but their purpose is to deny new claims or close existing ones.

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Worker-requested medical examinations

Postby Injured Workers' Alliance » July 30th, 2005, 4:48 pm

The following was published in the Spring/Summer 2005 edition of Focus on page 15. Focus is a publication of the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division. It's at ... usind.html

Dear BCU
Frequently asked questions for the Benefit Consultation Unit
By Jennifer Perkey and Tasha Schliecher

Dear BCU: What is a worker-requested medical examination? My claim was denied. The denial letter says I may request an examination conducted by a physician selected by the director.
What does that mean?
Answer: If you meet the requirements, the Worker’s Compensation Division will choose a physician to provide an impartial exam. The fi ndings from this exam may be used as evidence at your hearing to determine your claim’s compensability.

Dear BCU: What are the requirements for a worker-requested medical examination and how do I request one?
Answer: You are eligible if:
1. Your claim was denied for compensability based on one or more independent medical examinations.
2. Your attending physician disagreed with the independent medical examination fi ndings.
3. You request a hearing at the Worker’s Compensation Board within 60 days of date of the denial letter.

To ask for this medical examination, send a letter to the Worker’s Compensation Division:
Benefi t Consultation Unit
350 Winter St. NE
P.O. Box 14480
Salem, OR 97309-0405

Your request must include:
• Your name and address
• Information that identifi es your claim (claim number, etc.)
• Names and addresses of physicians who have treated you on this claim
• The date on which you requested a hearing and a copy of your hearing request
• A copy of the insurer’s denial letter
• Documents that prove your attending physician disagreed with the IME report
• A copy of your request to your insurer

Jennifer Perkey and Tasha Schliecher are benefit consultants with the Benefit Consultation Unit.
Phone: (800) 452-0288;
Jennifer Perkey, (503) 947-7558;
Tasha Schliecher, (503) 947-7561
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