They go by different names but their purpose is to deny new claims or close existing ones.

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Postby sheppy » September 10th, 2006, 7:37 pm

:cry: I had an ImE It was terrible they claim everything was preexisting> I had a closed head injury at work my head was smashed hard on both sides with a big sliding type garage door. I am not the same. Bad memeory,cant play guitar like I used to,constant headaches,nightmares the list goes on I have some realy poor cognitive skills. Oh the IME psycologist said I was Faking the test. Worst of all my treating doc who the whole time treated me with a presribed plan of cognitive therapy, massage therapy and meds agreed with the report. He said he agrees with the body of the report. He agrees with them that the reports on my type of injury normaly dont have problems this far out. I was injured on oct 24 2005.There was a part on the report that said the reason Mr "S" is complaining of his injury is for financial gain. I asked my doc do you believe I am faking an injury for financial gain. He said it doesnt say that! I said look here on page 10 he said oh dont worry about that. I dont think he read the whole report. He also said he hasnt had the pleasure of knowing me that long and can not make a full determination. Shold I contact my old doc whom I have known for almost 10 years. My attorney hasnt said much yet. I have yet to see anyone with experience with my type of injury. Boy the insurance companies and my work can really hurt you. I feel 110% alone and dont know what to do or who to trust. It doesnt make sense at the onset of my injury my claim was accepted and determined as a disability the current letter I got said you current symptoms are not accepted but the original ones are! they never changed! How can they get away with contradicting themselves.
PLEASE HELP![/quote]
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Postby Webmaster » September 15th, 2006, 1:32 am

This is one more example of the harm IME whores cause. Please read our info on IME's linked from the home page before you attend any IME. And remember, if your state allows a witness, bring one. Oregon now allows one.

IWA will be meeting with this worker this weekend.
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Postby Tomh » January 4th, 2007, 12:44 pm

Well actually in Oregon that law only applies to people who are covered by ORS: 656 workers comp law. If you happen to be a Portland Firefighter or Police Officer you have no rights under the new SB 311. Even the state ombudsman for workers comp won't help because they get their authority form ORS: 656. The City Portland went to the state legislature and made sure that Portland Firefighter and Cops were writen out of that law ORS:656.027.........the rest of the city workers are cover by that law........the Firefighters and Cops are put into a seperated disability sytem which is by far inferior with regards to workers rights....Tomh
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