Fired after FMLA ran out

This can be discrimination in employment or disability-related.

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Fired after FMLA ran out

Postby SD Grandma » August 22nd, 2007, 1:36 pm

After my workplace accident and being on light duty until I couldn't do that any more, I went on unpaid FMLA, then had surgery for one of my injuries. When I recovered enough to return to work, I turned in my doctor's slips with restrictions, applied for open positions within the hospital where I was employed, but was rejected for every one of them after the interview. Eventually I was let go from my employment when FMLA ran out, reason given was that I was not medically cleared to return to my old job. I had communicated to the HR dept. that I was physically unable to perform that job and needed an equivilant position with equivilant pay that I felt FMLA was being violated in my case. I have since found other employment and my attorney and I have been working toward a settlement on my case. Hopefully that will be on the horizon.
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