i got fired for going to the hospital

This can be discrimination in employment or disability-related.

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i got fired for going to the hospital

Postby dodedodedo22 » August 7th, 2006, 11:40 am

Im not sure who to take this this sort of problem to but hopefully you could direct me to the right place .I work for DJM enterprises which is a privately owned sunoco gas station in the begining i never had any problems with anyone there everything was going fine and i was working 6 days a week and i was making enough money to survive about 3 weeks ago i cut the tip of my finger off in a meat slicer and i had to be taken to the hospital and make a few follow up appointments at the doctors office to check the status of my finger this turned out to be the begining of the end ass soon as i cut my finger i went from working 6 days a week to only working 2 my bosses constantly bring up the fact that i must be an idot to cut my finger in a meat slicer (which is not hard to do at all since it is a spining razorblade)2 weeks after cutting my finger i come to see when im supposed to work and im not on the scheduele and needless to say i was fired ,i was not given any reason at all i was just told to give back my uniform and leave .Honestly all grudges asside i really did enjoy working there untill i became the company idot but i know the change in my hours is more than just a coincidence and i know thier not allowed to punish me for having to go to the hospital .
To be completely honest i wasnt supposed to be using the meat slicer in the first place i was working in the back of the building stocking the coolers there were 2 people working behind one cash register (which is obviously only for one person)and only one person in the store who wanted something in the deli so instead of actually doing thier job the 2 people on the register call me away from what im doing to laugh at the fact that i would do thier job so they could keep standing around about 5 seconds into slicing some cheese i cut my finger and went to the hospital on my way to the hospital every workmans compensation question i asked was ignored because my boss (the owners sister)knew that i wasnt aware of what it entitled me to.
Im aware of the fact that they might say that they diddnt have any hours to give me but that is only because my boss gave them all to people that diddnt have half of the time i did working there .I was aware of the fect that they were trying to set me up to be fired for about 2 weeks because of the fact that my bosses kept sending underage kids to buy ciggarettes from me to see if i would id them sometimes they would do this 2 times a night just to see if i would screw up so thew would have an excuse to fire me i know i was singled out for this because i was the only one they would do it to and it happened too much for it to be a coincidence .Well thank you for your time and i hope if you cant help me with this you can direct me to someone who can i live in a small town and i dont have a car sunoco was my only option as a job it was my only chance to bring my life back on track ,i really could use your help.
on top or everything else they are keeping me in the dark about who thier insurance provider is ,what my claim # is and baisically hiding every bit of information i might need to follow up on this whenever i ask they tell me i need to talk to whichever manager isnt there that day and since theres only 2 managers it doesnt take that long to figure out im getting taken abvantage of
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That's blatent behavior by your employer

Postby Webmaster » August 7th, 2006, 12:15 pm

Laws vary from state-to-state which is why I'll be using the word "usually."

I didn't see a state mentioned and I don't think Oregon has Sunoco's but it's usually illegal to fire someone because of an workplace injury or filing a workers' comp. claim or attempting to.

You need to contact your state's workers' compensation division ASAP. If they have an Injured Worker Ombudsman, call them. Every state has time limits on filing a claim so do this quickly. Employers are usually required to report injuries so your's may be in trouble.

It's clear your employer is an SOB so you should think about hiring an attorney.

If an injury happens in Oregon and the employer has six or more employees it's considered discrimination to fire the worker. Here, a person can file a complaint with the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) and get damages (time loss, etc.). A civil suit is also possible.

If not in Oregon, you need to find out your rights as far as discrimination.

Workers' comp. is usually a non-fault system too.

Good luck.
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Postby dodedodedo22 » August 7th, 2006, 12:57 pm

if its any help im from ny
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