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About our File Library

Postby Webmaster » February 24th, 2005, 6:18 am

We wish to thank all the media sources, injured workers, organizations, and others who have contributed.

In some instances, data here will be offered in a few different file formats. You should use .htm, .html or .pdf most of the time although large articles along with graphs look better in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc) format.

To view the .doc files properly they MUST be saved to your hard drive first and then viewed.

Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) can be viewed immediately after installing their free browser plug-in called Acrobat Reader. It can be downloaded at http://www.adobe.com.

We would appreciate any documents you have that you would like to share with others. E-mail them to <library[at]injuredworker.org> State that you want them put in the IWA File Library. Please use the Message Forum for comments or small files.

For more specific information read the "1st readme" text files located in individual folders.

Many documents here have been scanned and then placed here after using software such as OmniPage Pro, OmniForm, or Adobe Acrobat Full Version. Considerable effort has been made to exactly duplicate the originals although some formatting may be lost since no software or scanner is perfect. The exact wording of the originals is provided here including misspellings.

Some documents could only be duplicated in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and/or Microsoft Word 97 format (.doc).

A program such as QuickView Plus can open most file type extensions even when you don't have the actual program.

Thank you and please tell others about our Web site.
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