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BOLI's mission is to protect Oregonians, including injured workers, from civil rights violations and discrimination.

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Train of Prosperity

Postby Webmaster » February 24th, 2005, 8:27 am

Jack Roberts is no longer the Labor Commissioner but he clearly explains why many government officials have allowed workers' comp. deforms to take place.

He states in the link, "In 1990, Gov. Neil Goldschmidt brought business, labor and legislative leaders together at Mahonia Hall to deal with the crisis in worker's compensation insurance rates, then among the highest in the country and regularly cited as one of the greatest impediments to attracting and promoting business in the state. After the reform was adopted, workers' comp rates began to fall and have kept falling. Today, our workers' comp rates are among the lowest in the nation and are regularly cited as one of the greatest attractions for businesses looking to locate here."
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