Please tell me what to do

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Please tell me what to do

Postby elaecla » July 24th, 2007, 5:25 pm

I am so lost and feellike I am being punished. I had a forlift driver ddrop a load of wood on me back in April, breaking the tib/fib bones in my leg. I was off work for the last three months, also suffered a huge chunck of skin loss due to the impact cuttin goff blood supply. AM still in alot of pain, was told I HAD to go back to work on light duty or I would lose benefits, I do not wan the light duty, I am in pain all day and so uncomfortable, I have to sit in a chair 10 hours a day and rest my foot on a 5 gallon bucket. I am just so miserable, but I was told I have no choice. And to top it all off, i am being ridiculed by my co workers and hear mean coments all day long from them, and today 4 months after the initial accident, i received a write up from my boss saying the accident was MY fault! it was in NO WAY, my fault, I was doing my job, in MY work area and the forklift driver lifted a unsatble load that was supposed to be banded up before moving, but he didnt feel like taking the time to do this, I did not even know he was there, he was behind me. All of this is so unfair and uncomfortable, i do not now wha tto do
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Light Duty; Bad Employer

Postby Webmaster » July 30th, 2007, 11:24 am

First off, Oregon Workers' Comp. is a no-fault system and the few exceptions there are don't apply in your case.

Under no circumstances should you exceed the limitations set by your doctor. Employers have been known to pressure workers to exceed them. Doing so will allow the insurer to close your claim and your chance of reversing their decision is slim. A closure would mean no benefits.

It's clear they're out to get you. You need to find a good lawyer. Also, contact the Ombudsman for Injured Workers and have them document what you've been put through. It's critical the events are placed in your record to protect you and prove a pattern of bad behavior on their part.

Read the advice on the home page about finding a lawyer. The Ombudsman contact info is linked from there too.

Read "Critical advice for those injured at work" linked from the home page. Especially important is keeping a journal of everything that takes place involving your injury. This should also include dates and descriptions of things your employer does.

Don't let the comments and actions of people at work get to you. This happens to many injured. You have to look out for yourself since they aren't.

Good luck,
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Doctor imposed limitations; Good Doctor

Postby Webmaster » July 30th, 2007, 11:37 am

Also, explain to your doctor in detail about your medical problems and ask him/her to tighten your restrictions or say you can't do light duty. Write a letter to the doctor being careful what you say since insurers will see it and try to use even innocent statements against the injured.

If you're seeing a doctor that the employer or insurer recommended or sent you to, switch to one that 's independent (does not work for insurers or employers)

If you're part of an MCO, you may be stuck with an unfriendly doctor unless an existing family doctor is approved to treat you by the MCO.
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