Merry Christmas

Author Subject: Merry Christmas
Tom l Posted At 12:52:57 12/25/99
I would like to wish everyone who has worked hard this year a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New year

The Workplace Injured Organization, Baker Abandoned and our Newest coalition member Injured Employees Resistance have worked very hard this year trying to bring Fairness back to the State of Oregon.

Oue goal is to educate, inform and change a system that for years has allowed greed and power politics to ruin the lives of
thousands of good and honest people all because of an on the job injury.

I want to ask all of our members to re-commit our efforts and focus on the Issues, because if this coalition helps just one Injured worker to understand what lies ahead of them because of our efforts, "then we help us all"

As you all know the Supreme Court will be making a ruling sometime next year in The Terry Smothers case, No matter the ruling we "Must be prepared" to deal with there decision.

I look forward to the coming new year, It brings a promise of positive changes to workmans comp.

asst webmaster Re: Oops (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:31:34 12/29/99

Due to an error in code on the 25th by me, someone's reply to Tom's post didn't show up and wasn't recoverable. To whomever took the time to write to this board, I'm sorry. Please repost your message.
Robert Re: Merry Christmas (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:06:48 12/30/99

I hope everyone had a good christmas.

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