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Author Subject: KGW newscast
al Posted At 01:56:49 11/28/2000
I think anybody in Oregon who saw there news cast on the injured worker fraud should email them, I did. lets see if they will show both sides of the story if they get enough responce to it. Lets see what we can do. They started the story lets see them finish it. Al
Tarzan Re: KGW newscast (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 11:14:21 11/28/2000

Post their link Al.
Webmaster Re: KGW newscast (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:33:01 11/28/2000

KGW hasn't posted this story on there website yet and I doubt very much that they will. Keep in mind that Saif Corp has bought air time at KGW with there advertisments. I recommend a boycott of KGW by our visitors. Keep the e-mails flowing to KGW, Their Motto is
WHERE THE NEWS COMES FIRST, This is a joke to say the least.
They have the capacity to report what is ACTUALLY happening to injured workers butthey choose not to, It would affend the companies that pay the bills, including Saif Corp.

If I find a link to this story I will Immediately post it on the site.
Merle Re: KGW newscast (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:45:21 11/28/2000

I missed the broadcast. When was it aired and what was the general tenor
of the message?


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