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jimchudy Posted At 05:20:17 11/30/2000
I had depression added to my WC claim. I saw a nurse therapist and we had
talk therapy about depression. I then realized I was in bad shape and saw
a psychiatrist at my expense. I gave him the background infirmation, and
asked him to write a report regarding depression. (It turned out he was a
W/C IMC doctor also, but I did not know this) This guy was a really
conceded jerk, but IME doctors write reports for who is paying them.
Since I was paying for this report, it was written favorably that
depression should be ammended. After having this, a request was made for
an ammented condition of depression. The BWC then had me see one of their
IME doctors. Because I had substantial evidence records supporting
depression, I gave the BWC IME all the important records and highlighted
the important areas. He in turn wrote a favorable report explaining the
accident had a direct casual effect for depression. This time span was
8 years after the BWC accident. A hearing judge approved this condition. I
now am receiving treatment, and medications paid by the BWC.

I just filed for permanent total disability, and a new IME psychiatrist
wrote in his report "50% impairment to the body as a whole for depression.
Paitent IS NOT capable of any remunerative employment, this is permanent,
and this opinion stands in-and-of itself on the allowed condition of
depression. Any other ratings for physical allowed conditions would be in
addition th this."

This report seems to be a real exception to the rule, but psychological
conditions can drastically support your BWC case.

Good luck!!!!!

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