My Sin Was to Try and Help a Man Who Lost His Balance

Author Subject: My Sin Was to Try and Help a Man Who Lost His Balance
Tarzan Posted At 22:00:32 11/30/2000
Sept. 13 about noon in 1995.

Working on a little bridge in Gresham.

We were setting Precast Panels, 15-inches thick, 30 some feet long, can't remember how much they weigh.

Each Panel bolts to the last, with 8-foot long bolts, torqued at 1000-pounds.

I was on my hands and knees, holding a 15-inch cresent, my partner was standing with a burke bar hooked onto a 15-inch cresent wrench. He was moving a little too fast and wreckless, sence the boss was right there. He lost his balance, I put my hand up to help, he grabbed with all he had and pulled with all his weight, I went face first, with my hands out in front of me, like Tarzan diving into the water. No water, just asphalt, 10-feet.

Burt hooked his elbows on the panel, and landed on his feet. Slightly twisting his ankle.

An OSHA guy says distance times weight, I weighed 220 pounds then, times 10-feet. 2200-pounds of force, up threw my hands, wrists, and elbows.

It was painfully obvious I had broken my elbow on the right side, I didn't realize anything else, I'm sure I told them I thought I might of sprained my wrists. And that turned out to be the diagnosis.

It's safe to say I hyperextended my wrists, hence all the nerve damage, and radiating pain.

The cook book fix, excise the radial head. Thanks but no thanks, so I could have gone for the crippling fix to start with, and been done for sure.

So Great Benefit can say it's all my fault for not execepting the cook book fix. I can deal with that, I'm sure I am better off now than I would have been. Even though lining up operations closer together, and setting my arm, first thing, I think would have made a world of difference. In other words not dragging Great Benefit around like a 300,000 pound elephant.
injured worker Re: My Sin Was to Try and Help a Man Who Lost His Balance (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:13:04 12/01/2000


You keep repeating this same thing with all of your postings, I used to like coming in here and reading the posting but you ramble on with the same story over and over, Change the record.
Sergury is spelled Surgery.
If you don't like to read them skip them! Re: My Sin Was to Try and Help a Man Who Lost His Balance (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:03:34 12/01/2000

You know I'm sooooo tired of hearing about someone reading Tarzans postings, and they are tired of the same stuff.

Well I guess if they really made you that miserable that you would skip the postings with his name on them. After all a little common sense is in order also, so just quit reading them and stop whinning about it!!!!

Not to mention who cares how surgery is spelled anyway, get a life will ya...

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