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Author Subject: Voc. Rehab Rush
Mernie Posted At 13:38:40 12/03/2000
Hi all. I am in Calif. Just read the posting below on voc. rehab. I am just curious if anyone can help me know what's going on?? (Will try to find out tomorrow also when I talk to atty again!!). I was P&S by an ins IME & was deemed QIW. (We are fighting this in court next week) as my own doc hasn't rel. me yet and I was on TTD. Ins. since cut me off!!

All of a sudden I have been bombarded w/voc rehab school letters. One from my own atty and one from ins. Ins. ltr says check which box I want to do. Consult w/voc rehab counselor to see if I would benefit from it, want it now, want it but not now, or not at all. I call atty, tell her I don't want it. I am applying for SSDI. She knew this all along. She says just check box I want it but not now. (to preserve the option). I do and state reason (neck hurts, shoulder problems, fingers hurt, numb hands)due to Bi lateral CTS and all the related RSI's). Other stuff for SSDI.

What I want to know is why shortly after this the ins. sent me a letter about rehab again, (probably didn't get the one I sent back) and in this letter was the start of my voc rehab payments w/a check enclosed. How can they start sending checks when I haven't even seen counslor or got an approved program from my doc (theirs) or otherwise. Wouldn't they want to know that I'm enrolled in some sort of program.

Friday I just got another letter (they got the other one obviously) that VRMA payments are interrupted/deferred until 5/6/01 because I don't want to participate now. Also they overpaid me!! What a joke. Anyone know what games they are playing??? Please share your thoughts if you can. Thanks Mernie

P.S. JC if your reading this, you were such a big help on the court issue!!

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