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Your Right Posted At 11:43:33 12/05/2000
I'm not gonna beat on you Tarzan, your points are valid and hopefully by what you wrote, you have helped someone today.
As far as the guy in the bushes, yeah he's out there. But most of us who are hurt aren't out there reroofing our houses with a back injury, helping our friends move when we can't lift over 15lbs., going to Hawaii after winning our cases and being so stupid as to carry 4 suitcases to our hotel and thinking no one is watching. After all that is what they get paid to do, and if they get to go to Hawaii in the process gee that would be terrible.
I guess my point is, that just because you are being watched, doesn't mean you can't watch for them. But don't be stupid either, cause there may be someone watching from the hill behind your house, the storage unit your helping your friends move from (filming from the roof,I might add), when your playing softball, they might be one of the spectators filming in the stands. I know I have seen the bragging films that they show at their meetings, a trophy on display. By the way, the one I went to was put on by a major insurance company. They handed out packets and served us lunch, as to promote bush hiding.
And if you have been in the system long enough you know, they turn your words around to suit themselves, and so paying someone to spy on you wouldn't be beneath them after all they will win if they can get one good picture of you doing something wrong, even if you have only tried to do it once....After all common sense is a great vurtue....Maybe I have helped a little today myself Tarzan, so be careful not stupid.

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