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Tarzan Posted At 12:13:08 12/05/2000
Another point to make, just because I'm broke down doesn't affect the fact that I am an animal, pain doesn't stop me from doing what I want to do.

I can live in my bedroom or, do the things I want to do, when I can do them. Which doesn't translate into being able to make a living doing construction work at this point. Or should I say, as a Union Carpenter. Inspite of what a lot of people say Union work is the hardest, of carpenters work. You have to bring maximum effort all day long everyday.

Not just on Saturday, playing ball, or helping someone move, or climbing up on the roof to fix something, because you can't afford to have someone do it for you.

The point being, no matter what I do, that Great Benefit, says is a fraud, it doesn't change the fact. Falling 10-feet on your hands is a permanent, and very serious injury.

And it would be nice to see Great Benefit, realize what a man can do one day, doesn't translate, into 5 by 5 strength and range of motion, just because some scum bag that has a doctors card says you are 5 by 5.

So to hide in the bed room, or do the best you can? That's the question.

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