On being monitored.

Author Subject: On being monitored.
Old Timer Posted At 16:52:07 12/05/2000
Tarzan: Since I'm very new here, why are you getting such a hassle from LNW? Are you still on time-loss? Are you a permanent and total? Are you able to go back to work or get training? Why does Liberty NW hound you?

I have had them on my back for many years and I have fought in Salem, written letters, made phone calls, appealed decisions, spoke to legislators, written to legislators, gone to hearings (and have never once lost a legal decision with them)and they still find it cheaper to fight me at every step than to authorize proper medical treatments.

I'm just wondering what happened to you to set them off? I'm not feeling like going back into the archives and reading every post you ever made so help me out, okay? Thanks.
Old Timer
Tarzan Re: On being monitored. (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:51:07 12/05/2000

Sorry Old Timer, as you can tell I'm a real nothead.

I don't let IME doctors tell me when I need surgery, and I've whined like a squashed cat about training.

Also the lack of assistance on job search, the Worthle$$ Worker Program, the delays, and the starvation stuff, it's all here, I've not been too shy to let anyone who would listen, hear all.

They did buy me out, I'm just getting started on a small construction company, I'd say they reimbursed me for starving last year. I've been a carpenter for 20 years, which doesn't translate into being a civil office girl.

And I'm still doing my own therapy, weight training ICE, HEAT, and Compression, after over 5 years, no I don't intend to give up.

The length of the bones in the forearms are critical, and with surgery, and wearing over time, I think you can change the lengths of the bones. Back to what God intended.

It may take awhile, but most all is here. Just Scroll down and read.

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